The willow has long been a symbol of love, awareness, hope, and synchronicity. And the east, a symbol of intuition, teaching, and psychic energy.

 My office and other favorite sites around Willows East, Montpelier, Vermont

My office and other favorite sites around Willows East, Montpelier, Vermont

Willows East was founded in 2014 as a virtual safe-haven for people on an intuitive journey, to better know themselves, and to find happiness in their daily lives. Our group of intuitives has since grown to more than 2,000 followers, teachers, and readers.

Meet the Founder - Gretchen Pearl

I'm Gretchen, practicing Intuitive and founder/creator of the Willows East Educational Community and the Willows East Intuitive Journal.

My Journey to Mindfulness

I'm still on this journey, and I'm on the same journey as you are. I may just be taking a different path, and I love that. In 2010, after the loss of a pregnancy, I began to experience beautiful signs and symbols, dreams and messages from my son. I also began to experience debilitating anxiety and depression. Though always a spiritual person and amateur ghost hunter, this moment above all others pinpointed the beginning of my search into what was on the "other side."

I soon found that it wasn't all woo-wooey stuff, rattling chains, and channeling spirit that would define me. It was much more about learning to find peace on my earthly journey. Nowadays, I encourage others to create their own daily ritual, to share their awareness journey with others, to use their intuition to connect with their higher power, God, Buddha, Jesus, and/or a spirit guide. To pray. To ask the universe for help. To live life in the present, with one foot in the physical world, and one in the spiritual.

And I'm working hard to do the same myself.

I hope the tools here at Willows East will help us on our journey.

Where We Are

Willows East is my spiritual "home" in the heart of the Green Mountains, Vermont. Here, the changing seasons inspire me to adapt, to connect, and to find peace and harmony in an ever-changing life.

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