Three's a Crowd -ShelleyAnne

ShelleyAnne writes, "I have 2 best friends that I met about 10 years ago. They're both very different and have different interests. I don't get much social time anyway, and because they're so different, I never spent time with both of them together. A few weeks ago we all went out together, and they met for the first time. They became friends right away, and I just found out that they've gone out at least once since then without me. I'm really hurt. Should I stop talking to them or try to fix this?"



Oh boy, I've seen this happen in my group of friends, too, and it can be so hurtful. But, remember -- you are not the victim in this scenario, and you don't know for certain that you're being purposely excluded. Also, if these friendships have lasted 10+ years, they've most likely endured many life changes.

The 7 of Cups tells me that you may have a lot on your plate right now, that your thoughts and emotions are being pulled in 7+ directions. It's traditionally the card of distractions. The 3 of Pentacles shows 3 people collaborating on a project -- a relationship between 3 people that works.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself why you're really feeling hurt. Is it because you felt excluded? If so, schedule time with them both again soon. Is it because they did something you really wanted to do? If so, let one of them know that you'd like to go with 1 or both of them next time.

According to the cards, this situation has the potential to actually work really well for you. When you have too much on your plate, your friends can spend time together. And, when you do get together, you have 2 really supportive friends by your side.