Spirit Infused Painting

A late update this week! But I wanted to share this with you. This is an old technique I learned when I first started art journaling years ago, to spark your creativity without the pressure of drawing or painting perfectly.

Essentially, you make paint "blobs" all over your page with watercolors -- it works even better if you do this with your eyes closed (I just use Crayola kids' water colors). Then, let the paint dry. After, spend some time looking at your painting and see which shapes stand out to you -- a flower, a cloud, an animal, a human face? Trace over those shapes with a black Sharpie or other marker.

I got to thinking... what if I did this exercise while focusing on my spirit buddy? Then, what if looked for symbolism of our spirit connection in those shapes and images? I had chosen to focus on George Harrison this month. So, that's exactly what I did!

First, I closed my eyes and focused on him while making the paint splotches. I tried to infuse his energy into the page:

Then, I traced the images that popped out at me. As humans, we naturally look for shapes that are like faces, so you may be more likely to find eyes and mouths -- either human or animal. That's OK, trace them and see what they look like -- do they resemble the person you were thinking about? Are they happy or sad? If there are animals, what symbolic meanings are tied to these animals? Or what energy do you feel they have?

Here is my finished page to paste into my Tarot journal:

Here's what I drew:

  1. I was first drawn to what looked like a figure laying down at the very bottom of the page. I thought his facial hair stood out, which reminded me of George. It felt like his final moments, a time of rest. It felt peaceful.
  2. Above him, I was drawn to what looked like a sheep. Sheep to me are peaceful creatures, they often follow more than lead, which felt like George's personality. He sought spiritual leaders.
  3. A face stood out to me above the sheep, on the right, and with the mustache drawn in, I thought this looked very much like George (or maybe son Dhani?). The elephant above him reminded me of his passion for Indian culture and music.
  4. I felt there were leaves and flowers, the peacefulness of nature and joy of flowers.
  5. The final image, the dog (upper left) stood out to me more than most the images. I never knew about any pets he owned, so I Googled and did find this! See the dog at George's feet? Could this be the terrier-like dog I saw and felt? Maybe!

If you complete this journal exercise, I'd love to see your pages! Share them with us via Instagram at #willowseastjournal or email me, Gretchen, at: willowseast@gmail.com.