ParaCon Q&A, October Spirits & Exercises

Hi, everyone! Forgive me for a shorter update than usual, but I'm recovering from ParaCon yesterday! As usual, it was a blast! It's so nice to people about spirit and connecting and meditation and not be looked at like you have 3 heads. Ha!

I also find that everyone there is searching for something, with an open mind. The energy of the Body-Mind-Spirit events is always about exploration and self-discovery (happy sigh).

For this event, in the spirit of the season and the paranormal field, I did Spirit Guide readings at my table, using my Tarot cards.

I also handed out this fun worksheet that tells how you can use your Tarot or Oracle cards to connect with your guide(s).

ParaCon Q&A

Here are some questions that came up at ParaCon readings that I think you might find useful on your spiritual journey too!

Q: Can my spirit guides be family members?
A: Some intuitives believe spirit guides never walked the earth, but I firmly believe that your family members and friends on the other side can guide and interact with you! If you feel a strong spiritual connection to someone you knew on Earth, and you want to ask them for guidance, go for it! Trust your gut!

Q: How do I know that, when connecting with my guide, this isn't just "wishful thinking"? That I just want them to be with me and interact with me?
A: First of all, there is nothing wrong with 'wishful thinking' when it comes to the spirit realm. In fact, that's where wishes go to manifest! :-) If you really want to know if your guide is interacting with you, ask them for proof in the cards or in your daily life.

Q: Can my guides send me signs?
A: Absolutely! You can ask your guide to send you a specific sign -- a blue feather, a purple flower. Try not to make it too 'out there,' like "6 shooting stars on Tuesday night." Then give them time to respond, usually about 1-2 weeks.

Q: What if my "guide" feels like a negative energy?
A: Trust that your guide is a "friend," that they will never send you thoughts or inspiration that would intentionally harm you or someone else or that would cause any negativity in your life. Ask for love, light, and protection when you interact with your guide. If you feel any negativity in this spiritual interaction, acknowledge it, let it go, and turn your focus to the positive.

Q: How can I better connect with my guide?
A: First, don't feel like you have to always meditate, light candles, or perform a ritual to connect with your guide. You can talk to them, either out loud or in your head. You can say, "Hey friend, I need your help today with ___ ." Your guide simply likes to be acknowledged. If you're struggling to get a feeling of what and how your guide interacts with you, think of a time when you felt defeated or lost, and your intuition took over and lifted you up or inspired you to find a new perspective or idea. That is usually your guide helping!

Have any other questions? Email me at If I don't know the answer, I'll do the research!

October Spirits & Exercises

The spirit of the autumn season always piques my spiritual curiosity. So, for this month, I'd like us all to pick a spirit to focus on, for the next 4 weeks. This can be anyone: a loved one who has passed, a celebrity who you feel inspired by, or use the exercise in the worksheet link above to discover a new guide to connect with this month.

Once you have that spirit energy in mind, ask them, using your cards:

  1. What is the nature of your energy/personality?
  2. How do you want to help me over the next 4 weeks?
  3. How can I connect with you this month?

Journal about your answers, and/or chat about them in our Spiritual Discussion!