Spirit Guide Spread

Since you've claimed your spirit "buddy," do you feel more connected to him or her? Do you have any fun experiences to share? Share in our Discussion thread here

Also, did you feel like your "spirit buddy" changed over the course of the month so far? I started with my celebrity choice, George Harrison. I did have some very weird and obscure George connections, but my Grandmother tended to dominate all my spiritual experiences this month. Haha! I think she was offended that I didn't choose her.

So, if your spirit buddy has changed, feel free to use this spread to connect with whoever you like, and share your experiences with us!

Spirit Buddy More-Info Spread

Card 1: What energy are you bringing into my life right now?

Cards 2 - 3: How are you manifesting this energy in my life?

Cards 4 - 6: What advice do you have for me going forward?



For my spread, I received the following info, which honestly made me cry happy tears. (1) George is bringing me a drive and a sense of motivation that I haven't had in a long time. I took a serious look at my life in the last few weeks and what was not working for me -- small things, but I took steps to immediately change them. I'm going into this next week feeling a new sense of completion and power. (2-3) This really hit me emotionally. I have a new sense of self-love and that willingness to try new things. When I saw this card I felt/heard, "I'm proud of you for trying." The energy of the Beatles  was one of hard work and reward, and I felt that energy in my life as well as George's calm spirituality and zen-like state. It's a good combo! (4-6) Advice going forward: Don't close any doors, keep believing, consider all options. Keep up the hard work, you can juggle it all successfully! And be prepared for big change!

Journal Prompt

Add this spread, with answers, to your journal this week!