It's been a strange few weeks, friends. My poor mother-in-law is recovering from knee surgery, so my husband went to help her for 5 days. During that time, I came down with the stomach flu, and he had to return early to take care of me. Then, he went back this weekend to help her while me and my daughter, E, were on our own.

And you know what? I loved it! I mean, after the stomach flu was over, it was great. I missed my husband and his parental support, but I also got some quality time with my daughter. I caught up on organizing my home (only one room left!), and I spent time just living in the moment with my amazing 4-year-old.

We did so many fun fall things, simple things. We went to the local cafe and bookstore. It's just down the tracks from the train station cafe, and we had a sweet breakfast together and visited. We stepped into the bookstore, and I bought new sketchbooks for us. It was such a Louisa-May-Alcott-New-England moment, and I savored it.

I've been so active after this stomach flu that I've lost weight, and I have more energy, hope, happiness, and drive. I even got a little tipsy on Disaronno last night and danced in the kitchen to Motown.

The Tarot has been telling me for MONTHS to find more balance in my life, and this is it. I didn't want to hear it, because... I'm so Tarot-driven lately in my business and day-to-day life. To feel my intuition telling me to take a break... ugh, it was tough. But I did, and I'm better for it.

So, I've made a few decisions about the blog going forward. I might not write or send a newsletter EVERY week. I may not update the study group EVERY week or even post some Willows Wisdom. In fact, Willows Wisdom might just become more general and less about a 'weekly' update.

I'm not going away or bailing on my lovely readers, just making more time to be present in real life (on Instagram and Facebook too), and spending less time typing away in front of a computer screen. My mind and body are thanking me already.

I pulled some cards today about how I need to proceed with my week ahead and got the following. These cards are common for me. They tell me that I often get bursts of inspiration (7 of Cups), ideas, brainstorming sessions, plans. Then I take them on all at once (10 of Wands). And then I freak out (9 of Swords) when I can't keep up with this burst of energy and inspiration a week later.

So, this tells me that I need to take a step back, to live guilt free, to enjoy this happy down time and write when I feel inspired to do so. I also need to not lose my sh*t when things don't work out exactly as I planned or hoped.

Thanks for reading, friends!