Tarot and the News

A great way to practice your Tarot readings is by pulling cards for news stories, to see what might happen next or to get more information about a story. We don't always have the benefit of discovering the outcome of a prediction, but you should log your reading just in case.

A Local Missing Persons Case

For example, a few weeks ago, a woman from our state went missing, and I asked my deck, "Did she pass away?" I used the yes/no system that Barbara Moore shared on a previous Biddy Tarot podcast:

Major Arcana & Even Numbered Minors = Yes
Court Cards & Odd Numbered Minors = No

Then, Card 1 is Overview, Cards 2-4 is What Happened, and Card 5 is the Outcome.

From these cards, I got the answer: NO, she was not dead. Then I looked at the story the cards told:

My Initial Thoughts

I thought that the Overview, being the 5 of Swords, suggested that there was a feeling of defeat -- that maybe this was the aftermath of an argument. The middle cards 2-4 seemed to tell a pretty clear story about running away, encountering danger, and a strict male intervening. I thought he may be holding her captive. Card 5 seemed like a clear happy outcome and reunion with her family.

The Actual Outcome

Shortly after this, the news reported that the young woman had run away with her boyfriend and had hid in the woods. Eventually her boyfriend's father realized she had run away, and he informed the authorities. She was then reunited with her family. I originally thought that the King of Swords was a man holding her hostage, connected to the Tower. But, I now believe that the King of Swords was the father helping, bridging the way to the happy outcome.

I didn't get the story 100% right, but that's OK. It was great practice, and next time I'll know to consider that Card 4 could also be a link to Card 5, describing how the Outcome might happen.

What Happened to Amelia Earhart?

Do you ever ask your cards about other historic cold cases to see if you can get a sense of what happened?

In the news this week, Amelia Earhart's story is being re-told with new details. CNN reports:

There's an entire chapter in Amelia Earhart's life that history ignores, says new research: The legendary American pilot died as a castaway, not in a plane crash. Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Her plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean while she attempted to circle the Earth. It was always assumed Earhart died in the crash and that her remains were lost to the deep waters. But now, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) reveals a new theory. The skeleton of a castaway found on the island of Nikumaroro, Kiribati, in 1940 may belong to Earhart. TIGHAR has been trying to prove the bones uncovered belong to the American pilot since 1998.

I asked my cards: "What happened to Amelia before she passed away?" I got the following:

My Initial Thoughts

5 of Cups seems like it could indicate general disappointment, a feeling of defeat, but then she realized that there were options for survival. I think this leans toward a likely castaway scenario. The 2 of Pentacles confuses me a bit. I know that, traditionally, it can mean juggling lots of problems at once, swinging emotions, maybe struggling between feeling hopeful then defeated. But I'm also drawn to the seas behind the man (just noticing that there's water in all these cards), and it could mean that the waves swept her plane out to sea, and/or that she had to literally overcome rough waters. The 6 of Swords tells me that they did somehow make it to land on calm waters. Her co-pilot was known to be injured. Maybe she had to help him to shore, or maybe this card simply represents only her making a safe passage to shore. Regardless, the ocean-to-land journey seems to be supported in this spread.

Actual Outcome

I look forward to reading more in the news to find out if this castaway theory can be supported with more evidence!


Pull some cards for a scenario in the news, and see what you can pick up about the situation. Comment below, or join us in our Discussion or Facebook Group to discuss!

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