Goal Setting with Tarot and Breaking Through Obstacles


I think I wanted a quick answer when I sat down with my Tarot cards this evening and started to work through this creative 'block' I've been feeling. I guess the best way to describe this block is: I'll be meandering along, happily working through my business, loving every minute, and then "blah." I have no drive, no inspiration, nothing. Just nothingness. I swim in the nothingness for awhile, wait for it to pass, find a little flicker of inspiration, and dive back into the pool of productivity.

So, this time I sulked as usual. Then I finally sat down with my cards. I'm teaching a local Tarot class and am thrilled with the energy of our group. It's so filled with exploration and new-learning energy. I was inspired to buy a new deck: The Dreaming Way Tarot.

It's one I've had my eye on for awhile. I've shuffled it a few times, pulled a card or two, but tonight I did the following little ritual/reading, and it really helped give me some direction and pull me out of yet another funk. I hope you find it helpful too:

Cleanse Your Deck and Set Productive Intentions

I decided to set this deck's intentions to "positivity and productivity." I lit my favorite incense, fanned out the cards, and waved them through the smoke. While doing that, I closed my eyes, said a short prayer, and asked for this deck's intentions to bring positive messages of productivity (for as long as I need it to -- I can set a different intention at another time if needed, but for now this is my 'work' and 'business' deck).

Start With an Obstacles Spread

I flipped back to the front of my Willows East Intuitive Journal and noticed the 4-card spread suggestion (that I hadn't tried in a long time): Situation, Obstacle(s), How to Change, and Outcome. I pulled 4 cards from my deck:

My Reading: 9 of Pentacles, The Fool, The Hermit, and The Emperor. In short, I'm doing well, am successful. The only obstacle is most likely my tendency to focus on what's "fun" versus what's profitable (not always a bad thing, ha!). I should spend more time on self-exploration. And the Outcome requires a little more thinking on my part, but the Emperor seems to have his stuff together, is authoritative, knowledgeable, etc. I noticed that The Fool was looking outward and The Hermit inward.

Pick Two Actionable Changes

After drawing those 4 cards and spending some time writing about them in my journal, I concluded that I wasn't spending enough time celebrating me and building the parts of the business that I love. I also knew that I had to provide more consistency to the business, to take a real business approach, and create for my audience. Before doing all of that, I needed to be the Hermit for a bit. To do this, I picked 2 things I would like to implement in my business: (1) more social-media interaction and (2) more meditation time for myself (allowing myself the freedom to explore other parts of spirituality and self-expression).

Complete Yes/No Spreads For Those Two Actions

Now start with your first actionable change, and ask your deck, for example, "Is it for my highest good if I... make more time to meditate?" Do the same for the next Action. For each question, draw 3 cards (this will be an abbreviated version of the yes/no spread we've used in previous exercises). Remember:

  • Major Arcana and Even-Numbered Minors = YES
  • Court Cards and Odd-Numbered Minors = NO
  • If cards have very negative or very positive meanings, consider that they COULD lean more toward yes or no, even if they break the first 2 rules.
  • Remember: nothing in the reading is definite, even a yes/no answer, so be open minded.
  • Also, read the 3 cards as a progression of what will most likely happen as you work through this Action.

My Reading: I asked the question noted previously, about meditating. I got a (likely) yes, which I expected (2/3 Yes cards): Four of Cups (Y), The Magician (Y), and Ace of Swords (N). The 4 of Cups is a common card for me -- I often forget what's right in front of me in favor of new ideas and plans that are more about satisfying my need for a new project than doing what I need to do. It's a distraction. The Magician, to me, means willfully making time to sit and meditate quietly, even if only for a short amount of time. Then, the Ace of Swords represents a 'new idea,' which almost always comes out of these meditative sessions -- a plan, drive. While shuffling, the Four of Wands fell out, so I added that to my spread. I find that I do a LOT of work with relationships. Maybe this is an indication of what's next for me on this journey.


I hope this is helpful in setting goals and working through obstacles in your business or personal life! I encourage you to journal about your goal-setting readings and return to your notes as needed on your journey. Please share your success stories on our IG page (@willowseast) or in our FB group (groups/willowseast).