5 Ways to Start the New Year with Tarot

Tarot is a fantastic tool for planning, organizing, focusing your energy, and creating rituals for the new year ahead.

Here are 5 ways to Start the New Year with Tarot!

1. Plan to Draw a Card a Day

Taking time to draw a card each day with a simple question like, "What do I need to know about today?" or "Where do I need to focus my energy today?" can turn into a powerful ritual to focus your mind/energy and center yourself.

2. Vow to Journal Daily

Our Willows East Intuitive Journal (shown below) can be started any time during the year, requires minimal time daily to jot down daily card draws, and is forgiving if you miss a day or even a few weeks! It has no specified dates, so you can fill in the days/weeks as needed.

3. Complete a New-Year Tarot Spread

As the new year starts, complete a spread focused on your goals for the year ahead. It's OK if those goals change. You can review them throughout the year to re-assess or help stay on track. The spread shown below is in the back of our Intuitive Journal.

4. Cleanse Your Cards and Set Intentions

Use your favorite incense or sage, fan out your cards, and wave them through the smoke. While doing this, say a prayer, and set your intentions for the year ahead. For example, ask your spirit guides to use the deck to guide you in bringing happiness and productivity into your life. You can even pull a card that you feel represents your main goal. Hold that card, and visualize it while meditating.

5. Ask Your Cards How to Let Go

If you have any negative feelings or energies connected to the current year, ask your cards how you can let go of that negativity and move on. Draw 3 cards, and see what story the cards tell about how to manage this transition into the new year.