How to Spark Your Intuition Without Using the Tarot

Believe it or not, there's something to be said for those Facebook posts of a word collage that say something like, "The first word you see is a defining part of your personality." Our brains are naturally drawn to words that are familiar and inspiring to us. When we take time to reflect, set our intentions, and believe we can achieve them, we naturally gravitate toward words, thoughts, ideas, actions, situations, and people who can help us on our journey. And, they are drawn to us.

Reflection, Intention, Belief

Here's a simple exercise to try:

Pick a challenge that you're struggling with or a question you've had on your mind. This could be something as simple as, "What do I make for dinner?" or as complex as, "How do I live a healthier lifestyle?" I recommend starting small to begin with, to familiarize yourself with the process. Write your question in your journal or on a piece of paper. This gives your subconscious brain a visual to return to as needed.

Make a decision about this question. What do you intend to do about it? What will you do about it today? You can set the timeline for a day, week, month, etc., but since we're starting small, let's focus on today. For example, "I will decide what to make for dinner today," or "I will make healthier lifestyle choices today." Write your intention.

Believe that you will succeed with your intention. Imagine you already have. Focus on the joy of having completed this task, even before you do. There's no need to feel guilty if you can't achieve this today. If you get pizza for dinner and opt out of eating dessert -- these are both wins. Give yourself credit for doing your best. Imagine that you're continuously successful, and try again.

Intuition Take Over
Throughout the day, note mentally (or in your journal if possible) any word or situation that jumps out to you -- any visual or thought that pops into your mind, a license plate word that grabs your attention, something a co-worker says.

As you imagine that you've already completed this task, note any part of your vision that seems significant. Maybe when you imagine your family sitting around to eat dinner, you notice there are green beans on your plate, and this reminds you that you haven't harvested them from the garden yet.

Our subconscious wants to help our conscious brain, and we can tap into it by noting what we're involuntarily drawn to, or which "blanks" our subconscious brain fills in when we have a conscious idea or vision.

If you're a Tarot nut like me, you may even find that images you're drawn to reflect Tarot themes, which can give you some clues into what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

The Big Picture & Why All This is a Big Deal
Okay, so you know how to reflect, set your intention, and believe that it will happen. Why is this such a big deal, and why is it important to practice doing this??

Because you're teaching your body to trust your brain and your brain to trust your intuitive self, or subconscious. You're building a relationship with your "higher power." You're also allowing your conscious brain to let go, to shut down, to release worry. If you could take even half the things on your anxiety-causing to-do list and hand them over to your subconscious, your conscious brain and body will thank you!

What if My Intuition is Weird?
Good! Everyone's is. When you're wondering what to cook for dinner, and you imagine that perfectly set table with your happy family gathered around it, you might look to the dinner plates and find that they're filled with... gumballs. Or Lego blocks. My intuition has been known to fill in the blanks with some strange objects sometimes. First, don't think you're crazy and discredit that "weirdness." Second, analyze what that oddity might mean. Maybe it's time to order in and have a family game night. Maybe the gumballs remind you of the local arcade that has a gumball machine AND amazing chicken wings, and you want to make those for dinner. See how this works?

Should I Throw Out My Tarot Cards?
Or other tools for divination/intuition? Nope! This exercise is simply designed to remind you that you don't need them. The intuition and inspiration lives inside YOU. Your guides and higher self can communicate with you through your Tarot/Oracle cards, Runes, Tea Leaves, etc., because of amazing, powerful, beautiful YOU.

Though tools for divination are helpful and fun, though they can fuel your intuition and give you visuals for your subconscious to react to, your intuition doesn't need it. It never has.

If you decide to journal about any of your experiences surrounding Tarot, Spirituality, this exercise, etc., I'd love to hear from you! Email me at:! Please note that I may (anonymously) refer to your question or reading as a positive learning example for others in the W.E. community.