Finding Your Sacred Space

After the Moonlight Expo in Burlington on Saturday,

I found that I was silently asking myself, "What is Willows East? Where is it?" and "Why is it important?"

As the day wound down, I opened my journal and asked my cards, "What were the most significant take-aways from this day?" I know I left feeling more certain of my place in this spiritual tribe. I felt grounded. And I noted that many of the querents who sat for a reading were seeking that same feeling... and I knew I could show them how to begin to find it.

When I started Willows East, it came out of a feeling of inspiration and pride in my family's history of spiritualism. My parents, grandmothers, and aunts in particular have always used their intuition to connect with spirit and make intuitive predictions about the future based on current paths.

My fondest memories of days spent with them are lounging on a breezy porch talking about the purpose of life and my aunt's recent spiritual visit from Great-Aunt Mary Ellen, or how my great-grandmother predicted my father's birth before my grandmother knew she was pregnant. The mysteries of the universe!

Why is there so much calmness in those memories? I think it's because life slowed down, and there was a security in knowing that generations of Pearls and Faiths before us may be close by and offering guidance and hope on our life journeys.

Since I was a little girl, I always imagined there was a house where we all stayed, the living and passed, a big old Victorian house with a porch where we could chat. In Alcott-fashion, we'd sit around the library and grounds and philosophize about life. If I had a question for Great-Aunt Mary Ellen, I'd ask, and she'd answer.

Behind the house is a path to the brook. I walk there in a cotton sundress, through a cool breeze, while the sun warms my shoulders, and bare feet press against the warm stone path. By the water, there is a hammock and big rock to sit and read or close my eyes and turn off my mind.

This vision became so frequent as I grew into adulthood that I thought this house must be real (slightly different than the one in the photo, but similar). I even wondered if I was destined to find it someday, if that's why I moved to back-woods Vermont, currently paying rent for an upstairs apartment in an old farmhouse, trying to make ends meet for our family.

And I have to remind myself that, this place, that I call Willows East -- this house and land that is filled with characters I know and some I only know spiritually, but whose stories I know almost better than my own, it's already there.

This is my sacred space. I can go there any time I need to. Sometimes it feels so real that I'm homesick for it, but I remind myself that it's only a thought away.

How You Can Find Your Own Sacred Space

First, trust that it's easy. You may have already been there (in life or in thought). All you have to do is imagine that you're in a place where there's joy and peace, and no worries, no bills. Imagine every single detail, one at a time -- how your feet feel where you're standing, the sounds you hear.

Your sacred space can be anywhere! For me, it's very woodsy, but the buzz of a busy city may help you to find peace, and that's a-OK. Focus on how you feel in your space, and journal about it.

Look around and see who's there with you. It can be anyone living or passed. Spend a moment enjoying that time with them in silence, or ask them questions. If you're not sure how they would respond to your questions, ask your Tarot cards, and see if the cards offer clues to any intuitive answers.

Can Your Sacred Space Change?

Any time you wish! Just imagine a new place! Sometimes when I'm working, my sacred space is a very white modern office. It helps me focus with little distractions and feels a little less "lazy river" than Willows East.

For a long time, my sacred space was a tiny cottage in a flowery garden. Then, I imagined the Willows East house, and it started to feel more like my spiritual home.

How Do I Spark My Imagination to Create This Space?

I like Pinterest! That's where I found the images that go with this article! A database full of beautiful images to choose from, and you can quickly build a "sacred space" vision board, with houses or just beaches and fields. You may want to print your favorite to keep in your home or wherever you spend the most time.

And, incredibly, you may just find that some of these visuals are in your life already, that you're already building your life to be like your sacred space. Like I mentioned before, I don't think it's any surprise why I was drawn to Vermont and the big old Victorian mansions of Champlain College. New England Victorian Spiritualism is part of who I am, and this is where I feel at home. Though we live in a small apartment, our backyard already looks like Willows East, and I call it that even now.

Want to share about your sacred space visions? Email me at OR share in our Discussion Group. Please note that I may share your story (anonymously) in our weekly podcast or as a learning tool in our group.