Love the Journey

Hi, friends! As my schedule allows, I will plan to post a weekend classroom update by Saturday, sooner if possible. I hope this will allow you some quality time with this material over the weekend -- to read, listen, reflect, and journal. Feedback is always welcome, and I would love to hear about themes that interest you that I could cover!

In this post:

  • Love the Journey Audio/Transcript
  • Using Your Intuition/Cards to Love Your Own Journey
  • Journal Prompt
  • Live Chat (this Sunday, July 17, 8-9pm EST)
  • Tools From Around the Web

Love the Journey

A quick story about how I was reminded today to Love the Journey.
If you'd rather read than listen, the transcript is here.

Using Your Intuition & Cards

-To instill a love of your own journey, ask

  • What can I do to focus on happiness this week?
  • How can I bring more joy into my life?

-To pinpoint obstacles, ask

  • Which obstacles are blocking joy in my life?
  • How do I overcome these obstacles?

Journal Prompt

  • Ask Your Cards: What's next for me on my Spiritual Journey?
  • Share your journal pages with us via Instagram (#willowseast) or our Journal Discussion page.

Live chat

  • Join us on July 17th, Sunday evening, at 8-9pm EST to chat about Spiritual Journeys, here. I'll pull cards for as many people as possible if you'd like help focusing on your spiritual journey theme.

Tools from Around the Web