Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

Hi, friends! A popular topic in the group and chat this week has been:

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Here are some tips to keep in mind before proceeding:

  • Most intuitives agree that spirit guides take on the visual of how they like to be perceived and/or how WE like to perceive them, so it's OK if you don't exactly know what your guide looks like, even after completing this exercise.
  • Spirit guides can change, so if your visual changes and morphs as you work with your guide, don't worry.
  • The idea of this exercise is to give yourself a visual that you feel comfortable with, in order to start to build a relationship with your guide.
  • Spirit guides seem to like to be acknowledged, even if you don't know their name, so it's OK to call them whatever feels right to you.
  • Once you feel you have a visual in mind, start communicating with your guide daily. Ask him or her for a specific sign of their presence in your life. Ask them how they can help you. Be open minded, and give your guide time to respond.

Discover your spirit guide

Feel free to save/share/print this image for your journal, or just use it as a starting point to write whatever you'd like!

Other questions to ask your spirit guide

You can use your Tarot, Oracle, or Dice system to answer your questions. Here are 3 more questions to pose to your guide. I've presented brief sample answers to all 5 questions below, using each of these systems.

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. How can I connect with you?
  3. What should I focus on next in my spiritual journey?

Journal Prompt

  • Create a Visual: Do you have an idea about what your guide looks like now? Can you find a stock photo or celebrity photo who bears a close resemblance? Can you sketch your guide? Add the image to your journal.
  • Share your journal pages with us via Instagram (#willowseast) or
  • Join the Discussion HERE to chat about Spirit Guides. Post questions, or comments, and I'll pull cards and help as many as possible to get started.

Sample Answers

Why am I always so surprised by the accuracy and synchronicity of Tarot cards and intuitive exercises? Themes that have been coming up in my readings over the last week have been The Fool, which I've called my "Leap of Faith," rising above, a la the Seven of Wands, and a (new) masculine guide that I've been describing as a soldier... So, I found it interesting how these themes repeated!

3 Reading Options; from left to right, Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards, and the Willows East Dice System

3 Reading Options; from left to right, Radiant Rider Waite Tarot, Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards, and the Willows East Dice System

Tarot (Radiant Rider Waite deck)

(1) My guide looks like a soldier (again!) and (2) wants to help me with generosity. His (3) strengths are in bringing success into my life and focus. (4) I can connect with him by continuing to work hard and move forward (another common theme in my readings). (5) I believe I should focus on giving back, creating a safe haven for those in need.

Oracle Cards (Nature's Whispers Deck)

(1) Most characters in this oracle deck are feminine, so I focused on the theme of the card to get a sense of this man's energy. I think Adventure sums it up nicely! (2) He can help me to see things differently, less about what I can receive from others and more about what I can give to them. (3) His strengths are meditation, strength, imagination, seeing the end results of hard work. (4) I can connect with him by not focusing on what I perceive as past failures but by moving ahead and focusing on the new. (5) There's that Leap of Faith again! That "just go for it" message!

20-Sided Dice System (Number Meanings Here)

(1) The number three is intuition. This may mean to trust my intuition about what he looks like or that he's a man who acts on his intuition. (2) Nineteen means he can help me to victory and success! (3) Thirteen means his strengths are dealing with endings and transitions, also tied to perceived past failures. (4) Sixteen tells me that I can connect with him by adding a little chaos to my life, stirring things up a bit, proceeding fearlessly, not worried about everything being perfect. (5) Number two is willpower... again, that forge-ahead message!

More about guides

What's in a Name?

Though I'd encourage you to not get hung up on your guide's name, it is nice to have something to call this new friend in your life. If you're really anxious to put a name with your guide's face, try this: Ask your guide, then pull a Tarot card. Does something in the card stand out to you? A Raven? If you'd like to use your intuition, note if you are drawn to a particular TV character (what's his character name or real-life name)? Does that feel like it might be your guide's name? If, after you ask, are you drawn to any certain object in the next few days -- a certain type of tree or animal? Jot it down! Try calling your guide this name and see if it feels right. If you feel the name changes later, that's OK too. Your guide won't mind.

Can Guides Change?

It's different for everyone. Some people believe they have one main guide for their entire life. Others believe they have guides who focus on different parts of their life -- a Joy Guide, a Doctor (or Health) Guide, a Profession Guide. Some believe that guides come and go to help you deal with certain life challenges. Maybe all of these possibilities are true. You should feel free to dive in and start communicating with one guide, then intuitively see what feels right to you as you move forward. Your guide will help you understand what's right for you.

What if My Guide Shows Me Scary Things?

Trust that your guide will only show you positive things to develop your intuition and help you grow. If you feel some element of scariness or concern, trust that your own anxiety may be stepping in. Focus only on the positive messages of love, light, and forgiveness from your guide. Sometimes they have a quirky sense of humor too, ha! But every message from them should be a positive one.