Tarot Blog Hop

Hi, Tarot Blogger Friends! Welcome to the first Willows East Tarot Blog Hop! Want to join our list and drive more traffic to your blog? See RULES below.

When the Blog Hop is finished (end of August), I'll add all blogs to my "Favorite Tarot Blogs" list!

Check out our participating BLOGS!

    1. Willows East (just to get us started!)
    2. Over the Moon Oracle Cards
    3. Spiral Sea Tarot
    4. Readings By Mia
    5. Laura Kai's Tarot Journal
    6. Magical Things
    7. Lucky Lynx, At the Crossroads
    8. Nym's Divination
    9. The iWonder Sisters
    10. Tarot Seed
    11. Left-Hand Tarot
    12. Tarot Clarity

    Here are the RULES!

    • Write Your Blog Post Answering These 5 Questions!
      Feel free to change these or get creative with your answers. The idea is to briefly introduce visitors to your Tarot or Intuitive blog, journey, mission, or business:
      1. What brought you to Tarot?
      2. Which deck is your favorite?
      3. Link to your Tarot business page, shop, or explain the purpose of your blog.
      4. What makes your journey or business unique?
      5. Ask your deck, higher self, or guide, what it would like to share with visitors. Draw one card and/or share your response.

      **If possible, pelase add a link back to this post, so other visitors can check out more great Tarot pages!
    • Email Me The Link To Your Post (not the link to your main blog page).
      Email to willowseast@gmail.com with subject: Blog Hop
    • Your Link Will Be Added To The Blog List Below, and I will reply to your email to let you know it's been added and link back to this page.
    • Return To This Page Via The Email Link, and read/comment on the person's post link that's listed right before yours (and check out more blogs on the list if you wish)!
    • If you'd like, Share This Blog Hop on Social Media (you can save the image that goes with this post if needed)!
    TarotGretchen Pearl