Intuitive Drawing Video

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be busy this weekend and over the next ~12 weeks spending time in our Inner Temple of Witchcraft Study Group -- chatting about paganism and spirituality, learning more about spells, rituals, etc.!

So, you may just find that our regular weekly study group updates are a tad shorter or are replaced by videos and audio clips to save time. We'll still have fun, though!!

This month, I'm loving spending some time with my journals! I now keep 3 daily journals(!). They are:

  1. My Willows East Intuitive Journal where I log daily tarot draws and note validations.
  2. A free-for-all journal where I paste in Printable Pages, doodle, and generally scribble randomly for the sheer joy of journaling!
  3. An old-fashioned day-to-day, brief diary like my great-grandfather kept.
    So like: "I went to work, came home, ate dinner, and life was great" entries.

The 2nd journal is the one I'm chatting about today in the video below and how I create simple little intuitive doodles to enhance my pages just for the fun of it!

If you want to share your journal pages with us on Facebook or Instagram, you can use: #weintuitivejournal

Here is the finished page, before journaling!