Numerology and Your Tarot Journal

Hi, friends! This week I've been on a bit of a Numerology kick. This is mainly because I'm a regular subscriber to the Biddy Tarot podcast and LOVED this episode with Kari Samuels, who shared the simple numerology meanings of numbers 1 to 10.

Though it's fairly easy to memorize the basic meanings of the numbers (I've provided a quick list below), I always forget to add the extra numerology connection in my readings.

Another great way to use Numerology is in your journal! Numbers are easy to draw (or find in magazines), and you can add decorations to turn them into more prominent symbols. If you find that your journal readings are filled with mainly 3s, you may want to focus on the energy of collaboration and teamwork that week, for example.

Here are some ways I dressed up numbers for my journal:

To get more in touch with my numeric side, I jotted down a quick key for my journal, too:

  1. (or Ace): New Beginnings or New Ideas
  2. Balance or Partnership
  3. Collaborations or Friendships/Groups
  4. Structure or Foundation
  5. Conflict or Loss
  6. Problem Solving or Shift in Consciousness
  7. Reflection or Faith
  8. Accomplishment or Rebirth
  9. Success or Fulfillment
  10. Completion and Renewal

I also told stories with each series of cards, to help me remember how these numbers come through in the card meanings.

Cups, A Story of Emotions and Relationships

Andy was excited to start a new relationship (1/A) after a chance encounter with Anna at the local supermarket. After a few calls, he and Anna began dating and formed a fast relationship (2). They introduced each other to their friends and hosted parties together (3). Though Anna was perfectly happy with Andy, her interest began to waver, and she started to imagine what it'd be like to have a different guy in her life (4). She broke up with Andy and left him heartbroken (5). Back at the supermarket, buying breakfast just for himself, and moping, another woman, Sam, offered to buy his groceries for him (6). Andy was love-struck. Sam was beautiful, and before he realized it, he started to see all that life had to offer for him. He felt there were so many opportunities for happiness in his life (7). Before he could pursue Sam, he needed to find himself. So, he embarked on his own self-discovery journey (8), a camping trip in the mountains. When he returned, Andy felt like a new man, secure in knowing who he was (9). He reconnected with Sam in the grocery store, and they lived happily ever after (10).

Wands, A Story of a New Job

Andy was so desperate for money, when he and Sam first married, that he took the first job he found, Bag Boy at the supermarket where they met. After several months, he finally gained the confidence to apply for manager and got the job (1/A)! Andy's point of view from working on the floor helped him bridge the gap between management and employees (2). Andy also began training another person to help as an assistant, creating a third job type to help oversee workers on the floor (3). This gave the employees stability and more recognition, and the store was thriving (4). After a few months, another employee, Rex, accused Andy of stealing from the cash registers, and Rex tried to tell upper management that he himself was more suited for Andy's job (5). Andy quickly provided video footage of the store showing that Rex was the one stealing. Rex was fired, and Andy was praised for being mature and handling the situation with grace (6). Andy began thinking about new ways that employees could get promoted at the store without feeling like they had to cheat their way to the top (7). He quickly implemented a new system to for professional development (8). The employees weren't quick to buy into it, but Andy believed in his own idea and stood up for it (9). After a few changes to the system, the team was on board, and Andy was able to assess the success of his and his team's work (10).

Pentacles, A Story of Acquiring a New Home

In this story, the Home is representative of Andy and Sam's finances and an earthly acquisition. Andy was given a raise at work, which has made it possible for them to make an offer on a home (1/A). Sam and Andy can't decide between two choices and are working to find a balance between cost and what they need in a home (2). They decide to reach out to a realtor for help (3). The realtor quickly secures a home for them (4). Unfortunately, after they purchase the home, they realize it needs more work than they intended. In fact, they may need to stay in a hotel for a few weeks. Ha! (5). Meanwhile, Andy contacts the realtor and finds out he's able to help them acquire the funds needed to fix the home (6). Andy begins to see the beautiful opportunities that come with owning a house and turning it into a home (7). He's inspired to do more work and completely renovate the house (8). He proudly celebrates the success of his slow but steady work, growing finances, and happy home (9). He feels he has provided a safe, secure home for his family to pass on to future generations (10).

Swords, a Story of Murder

Swords are about power and thought and the state of mind. I always feel a sense of optimism and hope with Sword cards, about what will come after the storm, but the story of Swords alone is one of hatred and abuse of power.

Rex, the supermarket employee who was fired, was believed to be sending Andy's family threatening letters in the mail, asserting his control over the family's happiness (1). Andy and Sam provided a joint front. They stayed calm, and focused on their day-to-day lives (2). Soon one of Rex's threatening letters mentioned their daughter, and this was too much for the family to bear (3). Suddenly, things quieted down for a few months, and no more letters were received (4). What they didn't know was that Rex was in prison. Andy, Sam, and their daughter began to pick up the pieces of their lives but were still fearful (5). Rex began to plan his next move as well. Rex's brother planned to help Rex escape (6). With the threat of going back to prison, Rex was ready to make his last moments on 'the outside' count. He broke into Andy's house, trashed it, and stole some valuables (7). Andy and his family were feeling like prisoners in their own home, under constant threat of invasion (8). They found it difficult to sleep (9). One such night of insomnia, Andy was standing in the dark kitchen, having a glass of water, when he heard the sound of glass shattering and the door unlocking and swinging open. Rex was back, with a gun. He and Andy made eye contact. Shots were fired, but only Andy was left standing. Rex was dead, and the fight was over (10).

Andy apparently was a gun-toting 'merican who never went to the kitchen for a glass of water without packing heat. The End (dramatic bow).

I hope you enjoyed my silly dramatics! Thanks for reading!