Harnessing New Moon Energy

Whew! This full moon has been a doozy. I find myself either totally overcome with positive energy and motivation or wanting to hide under my desk and eat a box of cookies. There is no inbetween.

So, I asked the cards: How can I harness this full-moon energy into something positive?

The cards answered with The Moon itself. Yeah, I get it... it is what it is. It's just the moon. Energies are out of whack. The Seven of Cups confirms that feeling of not knowing what to focus on, of too many possibilities, struggling to pick one. Yet, the Six of Wands promises victory over these emotions.

I'm left with a general feeling from the cards of, "Just throw yourself into your work day, do what you can, and lay low under this glorious moon." It's been glowing so beautifully overhead in the early evening. Spend time appreciating its glory, celebrate small victories, and laugh at the chaos that ensues. Light a candle, and vow to use the motivation, strength, and inspiration the moon brings to power through projects and work days. We'll get through this.