Update: Missing Person Intuitive Reading - Tara Grinstead


Here is a brief look at the original conclusions I came to, some right, some seemingly wrong, and what we now know. I'll continue to update this post, once the gag order is lifted, and we know more:

  • True: Leading up to Tara's death, there was time spent with family, friends. We always knew this and felt that connection she had to those around her.
  • True: I suspected that Tara was seen as a trophy, a prize; that this was a crime of passion and/or a sexual assault. We did find out that the main suspect pursued teachers and most likely saw Tara this way, that there was a romantic pursuit.
  • True: We now know that the suspect suffered from ailments brought on by guilt, including PTSD and physical illness.
  • True: The Moon card seemed to suggest that the police were pursuing false leads, and the suspect managed to go unnoticed.
  • True: The seven of cups seemed to indicate too many suspects or people involved. We now know that multiple people helped hide this crime. It also confirms that "a-ha" moment as the one suspect came to the head of the line.
  • True: We also now know that her body was hidden at night.
  • False: I originally thought the suspect was tied to a social function, but now I think this means that he was connected to the school where she worked.
  • Unknown/False: The Hierophant may have suggested time spent at a church function or preparing for a wedding. I also wondered if the Hierophant could mean that the suspect in her murder was married. I thought this leaned more toward the officer being involved who was married at the time of Tara's disappearance. We now know that he didn't commit this crime, so I'm not sure how that Hierophant fits into the picture, but I'm staying open minded!
  • Unknown: I continue to feel some religious connection to this case -- whether the suspect is struggling with his faith or continued to go to church regularly, something. It's yet to be confirmed.
  • Unknown: It's still unconfirmed if the crime was committed near a bridge or another structure similar to the image in the Moon card.

Original Post:


I typically do missing persons spreads on local cases, where I can follow the investigations more closely in our local news. However, recently, I've felt more drawn to the case being covered by Payne Lindsey on his podcast, Up and Vanished. If you haven't heard of it, have a listen. You can play the episodes directly from the site.

Payne is an extremely talented, diligent reporter (and film maker), who took on his own investigation in hopes of discovering the truth about what happened to Tara Grinstead, a young woman who disappeared from Ocilla, Georgia, on October 22, 2005.

Disclaimer: First, I don't really claim to be a psychic or medium. I simply believe that we, as humans, are intuitive beings -- that we can often subconsciously pick up on energy about a situation or person that gives us clues about their actions and, sometimes, what they'll do next. Like when a dog can tell if someone intends to harm them, we as humans can often intuit similar intentions of those around us. Though I'm a spiritual person, I try to take a psychological approach to reading Tarot cards and trust that the imagery in the cards is just a tool to trigger my intuition, to unlock what I already know in my subconscious. You should also know that, I've followed this case closely, have seen the 48-Hours episode, and have listened to all of the Up and Vanished episodes covering this case. So, there's the possibility that my deductions may be influenced by what I know and feel about the case already.
I will continue to pray for this family and for this mystery to be solved, so there can be justice for Tara. For more about her, visit: MissingTara.com.


I created a custom spread for Tara's case. Here is what the cards were designed to represent (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Cards 1 through 3: The Days Leading up to Tara's Disappearance
  • Cards 4 through 6: The Story of Tara's Disappearance
  • Cards 7 through 9: The Aftermath of, or Days Following, Tara's Disappearance
  • Card 4: The Energy of Tara
  • Card 5: The Energy of the Offender
  • Card 6: The Energy of What Happened to Her (Action)
  • Cards above and below Cards 4, 5, and 6 were to give more specific details about the specific energy of Tara, the Offender, and the Action.


The Days Leading up to Tara's Disappearance
(10 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, Hierophant)

I think this is pretty self-explanatory and reflects what little I know about Tara's life before her disappearance. 10 of Cups is happy time with family and friends. Younger people may have been involved, which I believe signifies her connection with the young women in the pageant community. Both 10 of Cups and 10 of Pentacles often represent celebration to me, even trophies, per the imagery of the 10 Cups overhead. The pentacles represent fortune, money being spent. This can also be a family reunion (a mix of people of different ages). It may represent the BBQ she went to before her disappearance.

The Hierophant has multiple meanings. He is often described as the "Pope" of the Tarot deck. It could be that Tara was a "spiritual leader" or mentor to these young women. It can signify a wedding. So, maybe she was excited about someone's marriage and preparing for it. It could simply mean that there was a church function she attended. Since it's above the Lovers, it could also signify that the person she was involved with was previously married. We'll explore that in the following sections.

The Story of Tara's Disappearance
(The World, Judgment, The Lovers)

Assessing the story or energy of Tara's disappearance, The World card could signify that Tara was seen as a "trophy" or someone worthy of being put on a pedestal. The Judgment card, tells me that something happened that could have been considered a sin that will be addressed at "Final Judgment." This card can also represent an ending, death, and The Lovers card tells me that, literally, the two may have been involved in an affair. It feels like there was a lot of passion. I'm also drawn to the image of The Judgment card, where people are rising from coffins. Aside from the archetypal image of "life/judgement day after death," I wonder if whoever committed this crime was surprised to have killed her and even tried to revive her.

The Lovers card also shows a spiritual or divine intervention and the biblical image of the snake. This tells me that their relationship was possibly considered "sinful," or against God, and I would even go so far as to say that this person may have justified killing Tara because of this "sin."

Tara, The Offender, and the Action
(Again: The World, Judgment, The Lovers)

Tara as The World card is actually quite beautiful. It seems like, though there may have been relationship troubles or that things weren't quite "picture perfect," there was a sense of completion about what she had done with her life up to this point and all she had accomplished.

The Offender is fearful, afraid of judgment by God and what others will think of him. The Tarot cards contain many religious symbols, due to the time period in which they were created, but I'm drawn to them more in this reading than usual. I can't help but wonder if this man (presumably male) is religious or outwardly pious.

The Action appears to be tied to a romantic relationship. It's important to note that cards like the 10 of Cups and Hierophant above typically signify marriage or a serious relationship. The energy of The Lovers card is more of an affair or physical relationship. Though I don't like to think of her suffering in this way, it could also suggest a sexual assault.

The Aftermath, Days Following Tara's Disappearance
(The Moon, 7 of Cups, 10 of Wands)

In short, there is secrecy, an outpouring of emotion, deception, burdens. In my hard copy deck, The Moon card's sky is darker, clearly nighttime, and the visual could have some literal interpretations. The lobster (or criminal) is going into hiding. There are dogs barking, a location near water and possibly a bridge or other tall structures/supports. Symbolically, this could represent people looking away while the criminal hides, "barking up the wrong tree."

The 7 of Cups is a card of too many choices or suspects. It can mean that this person likes to be tricky or deceptive, hiding behind distractions. I'm an optimist, though, and like to think that this also represents an "a-ha" moment in this case -- that this person can't hide forever.

The 10 of Wands is a card of burdens, that someone still walks with this guilt of knowing something or participating. It can mean that there are many involved in hiding this crime.

For a more literal assessment of these cards, it could mean that her body was hidden at night (Moon), that there was worry of it being discovered (7 of Cups), and that there was a detailed plan to move her or hide her (10 of Wands).

Above and Below
(10 of Cups, World, Moon / 10 of Pentacles, Judgment, 7 of Cups / The Hierophant, The Lovers, 10 of Wands)

In short, Tara (the World) is preceded by a happy social life. Then, there is an emotional outburst, warning, darkness, rest, an enemy escapes.

The Offender was possibly tied to the pageant or BBQ, some type of social gathering with Tara. After, he is hidden by distraction and false leads.

The Action/Affair was preceded by a marriage or spiritual union. After, there is nothing but burdens, the work and stress of carrying guilt.


The idea of a Tarot reading, in my opinion, is to put out some general ideas and feelings about energy, so I'm not going to outright point the finger at a specific person, though I do believe I lean toward one of the suspects more than the others, and this reading confirmed my suspicions. What do you think? Do you have any other thoughts/ideas based on this reading or your own intuition?