Anxiety, Expecting the Worst, and How Tarot Can Help

**Disclaimer: if you're experiencing severe anxiety, check with your Tarot deck AND your doctor. I've been on anxiety medication for years, and it has made all the difference!

Why It Sucks

I've suffered from anxiety for most of my life, and I know that it manifests in a number of different ways. For me it was: panic attacks (felt like I couldn't breathe, was shaking, had to move), upset stomach, throat closing, grinding my teeth. I also have Crohn's Disease, and anxiety exacerbates my symptoms causing more-extreme abdominal pain. In other words, it turns me into a hot mess.

Expecting the Worst

Another HUGE part of anxiety for me is expecting the worst. Instead of being one of those normal people who can assume a headache is just allergies or a sinus headache, I'm 100% certain I'm suffering from some horrible disease.

How Tarot Can Help

Honestly, mindfulness alone is one of the biggest relievers of my anxiety -- just taking a moment to step out of a situation and assess where my anxiety is coming from is so helpful.

And adding a Tarot spread when I need to really dive into my subconscious is the (yummy) icing on the cake!

And here's where a digital Tarot deck can really come in handy... Sometimes an anxiety attack will come out of nowhere. Next time this happens, if you can, excuse yourself to go to the restroom, splash some cold water on your face, take a deep breath, and ask your digital deck one or two simple questions to focus on your intuition. Here are some ideas:

  • What is the real source of my anxiety?
  • How do I overcome this feeling of panic/dread?
  • What can I focus on to move past this?
  • What is my greatest strength?
  • How can I use my greatest strength to power through this?

When you get some more time for reflection, here is a Tarot spread that can ease worry and bring your focus back to your strengths and a sense of calmness and control.

Note that, in this spread, I'm not using words like "anxiety," not overusing the word "worry", and instead focusing on the journey to calm. Our words are powerful, and I want to make sure to focus the energy of this spread on our final goal:

Journey to Calm Spread


And here is the Willows East Tarot Symbol Key to fill in the circles in your spread:

Post Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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