Kickstarting My Healthy Life

I took some time this weekend to re-focus my health goals. In the past 2 years, I've gained 50 lbs. Here I am back in 2015, and I don't even have a very recent full-body photo of myself, because my self-esteem is pretty low:


Here's the thing, though: at that time, I wasn't very healthy. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was sick every single day. I couldn't eat much of anything or keep food in my system for long.

So, I'm really trying to look at kickstarting my healthy life as learning to eat again. It's a rebirth, a time to start fresh. And, not so surprisingly, a big part of this journey will be about addressing mental health issues: anxiety and depression.

Here's where I'm starting:

  • With forgiveness and kindness to myself. That is #1.
  • I made a "Do All The Things Schedule," that should allow me to work, have down time, and get the bare minimum done around the house. It might not happen every day, but I have that "goal" schedule to go back to when I need to.
  • Awake and to bed earlier, which will allow me to have a morning ritual -- drink my coffee and meditate or read.
  • Filling the fridge with healthy foods that I love.
  • Filling our home with more mood-boosting music.
  • Making more time for spirituality -- while walking or doing chores (listening to podcasts or guided meditations).

And I'm starting TODAY! Eeeek! Any words of support would be most appreciated!

I also went back through the post I wrote in August: "Tarot, Magick, and Weight Loss," and am journaling about my journey in my planner! Stay tuned!

AND I made a printable of the positive body image spell from that post too, to put in my journal:

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