Tarot to Survive Mondays

I wish I was one of those motivational speakers who could say, "I'll teach you how to love Mondays!" But, I'm not. Sorry. Mondays are tough. Weekends aren't as carefree and restful as they used to be. They're a mix of work and fun and late nights, catching up and settling down.

An early-morning on a Monday, especially a winter Monday is less than pleasant. Some mornings I do find joy in an energizing blast of minus-12-degree air to my face. But not today. Today I'm falling asleep at my desk, dreading going out into the cold at lunchtime, and missing my cozy couch and sketchpad.

Any time I feel defeated, I turn to my cards. They lift me. Always.

I'm going to pull some cards for you this morning and share some good Monday questions to ask your deck too!

But First, Coffee

Tarot time is also self-care time for me. So, I started with a good stretch, coffee, and a few minutes in front of my Happy Light (or as I call it, my 'faux-sunshine lamp').

Next, Tarot

Everyone has different wants and needs on a Monday, so let's start by addressing those wants/needs first.

Today, I want: to feel more alert and be more productive.
I want to accomplish: all my to-do list items and make a good dinner for my family.

OK, grab those cards and ask:

  1. How can I feel more [alert/productive] today?
  2. Which challenges might I face today?
  3. How can I accomplish [all my to-do tasks]?
  4. What is the biggest benefit I will experience if I succeed?

I got:


In short, 4 of Pentacles tells me that I need to be cautions with where I put my energies today. The character in this card sometimes appears selfish/greedy. That makes sense when it comes to my time and energy. 7 of Pentacles as challenges might mean a lot of distractions. In the visuals in these cards, the raccoons remind me of my tendency to be easily distracted by shiny things. Ha! Page of Pentacles for how I can accomplish all my to-do tasks! Lots of pentacles... Pages tend to be quick to act, but their focus can waver. I think this means that I should work quickly and fight the urge to take on other projects that won't accomplish my big-picture goals for the day. The biggest benefit I will experience is Temperance. Patience, balance, focus. Got it! It's also a major arcana card. Balance is something I certainly struggle with!

And a Printable Too!


Finally, a Push Out of the Nest

OK, Tarot friends... time to rip off the band-aid, hope the coffee will kick in soon, and get on with your days. We've got this.

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