True Crime & Tarot, Missing Person: Selinda Winegar

The Case

Here is all the information I can find online about the case of missing woman, Selinda Winegar. The following comes from, and I've posted a video from our local news in 2014 below.


Intuitive Connections

I was immediately drawn to Selinda's case. I lived near her home when I went to college in Burlington, VT, in 2001. I felt from the Tarot reading, shown below, that it was possible she ran away. If so, maybe the anonymous call mentioned above was made to the family, so that they wouldn't look for her or would assume she was dead.

I've felt that there is a male connected to this case. I see him as being tall, older than her, influencing her. I clearly see him wearing khaki shorts, high white socks, sneakers, a jersey-like t-shirt, baseball cap, and long light-colored hair. His face is long, and he possibly has a beard or stubble. I feel like I'm seeing him at the time of this case, as his dress looks like an 80s style. I've begun to wonder if this is her brother, Alan (shown in the video below), trying to give me information or as a clue that she was involved with someone HE knew.

The other night, I had a dream about him, and he was yelling at me. He yelled the name, "Manning." So, I decided to go online and see if I could find this "Manning" person. I assumed it was a name. I went through the Burlington, VT yearbook for 1980 (the year I assume Selinda would have graduated, had she not disappeared at age 17). The other late-70s years weren't available. The 1980 yearbook helped, though. It gave me a feel for the energy of her class and those she went to school with.

And, lo and behold, there was a Manning in the 1980 yearbook: Dale Manning. Could he know more about this case or what happened to Selinda? I don't want to (and won't) interject myself in any investigation, especially based on a subconscious clue from a weird and hazy dream vision, but maybe one day we'll find there was a connection.

I wanted so badly to reach out to Dale, especially when I found him on Facebook, AND living and working in the neighborhood where I now live -- literally in the building next door to my office! I flipped through his Facebook photos. On one of the recent photos, someone had commented last summer: "RIP MISS U." And, in another photo, I found someone who looked a lot like Selinda's brother, Alan, shown in this video:

The Tarot Reading

When I ask Yes/No questions of my cards, I start by setting the intention that even-numbered and major arcana cards will = Yes, and odd-numbered and court cards will = No.

I asked my deck: "Did she run away?"

Three "yes" cards seems telling, but the Death card at the end threw me. I know that Death doesn't have to literally mean a death, so it could mean that she partnered with someone (2 of Cups) to end her current life and run away? The 4 of Pentacles may mean that she took all she had and went to a new city? And, of course, it's possible that she did run away THEN was murdered. I've added a more detailed reading below this one. Please share any insight you may have in the comments below!


I asked my deck: "Is she still alive? And: let the top card represent her current state and, the 4 cards below, the progression of details after her disappearance."

I drew 4 out of 5 yes cards, indicating that it's probably that she's still alive. This is the 3rd time I've asked my deck this question (in different ways) and gotten this same answer. This would suggest that she's currently overburdened (10 of Wands). She may be living in a warm climate.

As for her disappearance, it feels like she rose up above what she felt was an attack against her, that she started over, that she worked hard to build a life for herself.

If all this is true... did she change her name? Could we ever find her? Does she want to be found? What do you think from the readings shown here?