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Five years ago, my life was drastically different. I had left a job at a small design firm in rural Vermont to accept a position at a larger print company publishing magazines. The new job had more regular hours and allowed me down time to focus on starting a family. Then, along came my daughter.

I’ve always been a spiritual person, but I was looking to bring more spirit and inspiration into my life. Experiencing motherhood validated so many of my spiritual beliefs, as my body naturally knew my daughter’s needs and could sense her emotions. We had a spiritual connection unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I also found myself giving so much of myself to my family that I was craving special time only for me. I was experiencing spirit but not giving myself time to connect and enjoy it. And then, how does a new mom find time to do anything that isn’t baby-focused!?

I came up with a very simple plan to stay connected to spirit and to bring joy and inspiration into my life. Every day. I hope this will help you too:

Find 15 Minutes

That’s it! Just 15 minutes to celebrate YOU. Make this time a priority in your day. Even if you have to wake up 15 minutes early, do it. Schedule a date with spirit. It can be during your morning commute or even in the bathroom.

Fill it With Inspiration

What inspires you? What gives you strength? Is there a podcast that lifts you up? A blog? A book? Just quiet time to pray or meditate? I like to meditate, listen to my favorite podcast, and draw some inspiration from a daily card draw. I keep a journal and jot down a few notes of inspiration about my day.

Carry the Message

If you feel a certain word or phrase of inspiration comes to you, ask that spirit inspires you in relation to that message during your day. Bring the message with you, and reflect on it. For example, today my message is to: “Be open to divine inspiration.” My card draw is the 4 of Swords, and I’m reminded that, especially while I’m on vacation, I should take time to rest, recuperate, and let inspiration come to me. Since I don’t have to work this week, I can just absorb divine wisdom.

This sums up my daily ritual. If I find more time in my day, I may expand my journal entry or meditate more on the topic at hand. I like the simplicity of taking one topic per day. Also, if I don’t feel like I had time enough during that day to reflect fully on the topic I chose, I’ll continue that topic focus for the next day until I feel I’m ready to move on to a new area of focus.

What’s your daily ritual to connect with spirit? Comment below! I’d love to share ideas.

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