5 Ways to Use Tarot for Mindfulness

Tarot makes me happy. Like, really happy. Sometimes I get such a kick out of just thinking about a new spread to try.

It's like the joy you get from looking at a beautiful painting and knowing that you're going to see something new each time, and that it will somehow define you and help you better understand how you think and feel -- a glimpse at your subconscious.

I'm also passionate about mindfulness -- just taking a few moments throughout the day to take a few deep breaths, to ground myself, or to feel gratitude.

Here are 5 ways you can use Tarot in those moments of mindfulness. Take a few minutes to:

Pick a Card to Define the Present Moment

Stop and think about which Tarot card may define the current feeling you're experiencing. As I write this, I'm feeling like the High Priestess, calling on my intuition and creativity to send you words of wisdom. I'm also taking a lunch break from my day job, where I'm feeling very productive, a la the 8 of Pentacles! Are you feeling the chaos of the Tower, the heartache of the 3 of Swords? If you would like, also take this time to feel gratitude for all that is good in your life, and release any negativity.

Use Your Subconscious Tarot Deck

If a question is weighing heavy on your mind, think about it during your moment of mindfulness, in meditation. Imagine drawing a card from your deck. Which card is it? Focus on the energy of this card, and see if it helps guide you to an answer to your question.

Step Into a Tarot Card

Pick your favorite tarot card, or draw one for this exercise. In your moment of mindfulness, imagine that you step into that card. Walk into the scene. Imagine that the characters in the card come to life. How do they interact with you? What is the weather like? Can you feel the breeze in the Two of Swords? Can you hear the sounds of the garden in the Nine of Pentacles?

Pick a Card to Define Your Physical Environment

Observe where you are visually. If you like, choose an object that stands out to you as a focus in this place. Take a moment to appreciate this object, to observe its details. This works well with natural objects, like a flower or cloud, that may transform and move as you observe it, but it can also be a book or special mug. Can you connect this object to a visual in the Tarot cards? Is your mug like the Ace of Cups, your Tarot book like the High Priestess's or Magician's? Can you connect with the energy of the tall pine tree in your back yard, that sprouted up strongly like the Ace of Wands?

Manifest the Energy of the Major Arcana

Feeling the need to manifest more positivity into your life? In quiet moments of deep-breathing and brief meditation, focus on the image of a major arcana card to help you bring that card's energy into your life. To manifest:

  • confidence in uncertain situations, The Fool
  • productivity, The Magician
  • intuitive abilities, The High Priestess
  • creativity/encouragement, The Empress
  • assertiveness, The Emperor
  • spiritual acceptance, The Hierophant
  • passion, The Lovers
  • direction, The Chariot
  • courage, Strength
  • self-acceptance, The Hermit
  • adaptability, Wheel of Fortune
  • balance, Justice
  • enlightenment, The Hanged Man
  • power to change, Death
  • serenity/acceptance, Temperance
  • resistance from temptation, The Devil
  • a shift in thinking, The Tower
  • hope, The Star
  • a deeper emotional connection, The Moon
  • happiness, The Sun
  • rebirth, Judgement
  • a sense of wholeness, The World

Here is a free printable of this list. Print at 4x6 or 5x7 for highest resolution: