The Star and The Moon -- Also, a Note About First Light

The Star and The Moon

Do you still get stumped by the Star and Moon cards in a reading? I do! I think it's that they have SO many different meanings. In this post, I'll explore as many possibilities as I can think of, to add to your intuitive tool belt.

First, let's look at where they are in the Major Arcana "storyline." They come after the Tower and are before the Sun (victory, happiness) card. So, it helps me to think, "What would the transition me in MY life if I had to overcome a Tower (chaos, maybe even disaster) moment.

Once I recovered from the initial shock, I would start to have hope that things would get better or return to normalcy (my Star moment). I may even look to the sky to pray or wish on a star for things to get better.

If the Star is hoping, wishing, asking, then the Moon must be the answer to the wish. The Moon is a card of psychic abilities, imagination, and intuition. In short, it's the knowing and the seeing. The answer may come from our own intuition or supernatural intervention, but the path is shown to us -- the path between two barriers.

It's as simple as asking the universe for a new career path and waking up in the morning knowing who to connect with to make it happen. The question, the solution.

The Star and The Moon, Radiant Rider Waite Deck

The Star and The Moon, Radiant Rider Waite Deck

More Attributes of The Star

These are mainly based on my personal observations. Again, I feel the card theme is mainly one of hope, so circling around that theme, we see the following symbols:

  • green grass and vegetation - life, growth

  • nighttime - the energy of deep thought and awareness, when all is quiet

  • nudity and wet hair - purity, baptism, rebirth, goddess (rising above)

  • one foot on land, one on water - transformational

  • 7 white stars - the number of faith

  • 1 yellow star - a resolution being created

  • water - calmness, washing away of worries

  • water being poured on land and in a pool - balance, feeding the soul

More Attributes of The Moon

A crazy party unfolds in The Moon card. Now we have dogs and a lobster, dancing leaf confetti, two towers. Here is my take, then I'll get to what the literature says:

  • dogs alerting - reference to the moon goddesses, supernatural intervention

  • path - a resolution, direction

  • moon - intuition, psychic abilities, imagination

  • two towers - a block that's broken

  • lobster - protection, safe retreat (away from the dogs)

  • green grass and vegetation - life, growth

According to the Pictorial Key to the Tarot, it's a card of imagination/thought versus spirit. "The dog and wolf are the fears of the natural mind in the presence of that place of exit, when there is only reflected light to guide it" ... "It illuminates our animal nature" ... "The message is 'peace, be still; and it may be that there shall come a calm upon the animal nature...'"

So, in a reading, this might mean to calm your worries and await an answer when the time is right -- to trust your intuition. It could mean that a safe passage or resolution will present itself.

How do you connect with the Star and Moon cards?