Designer Secrets: Building a Graphics Collection

Maybe I should be better at constructing a beautiful layout from scratch, but I've always worked better within limitations. As such, I love building a layout with a few graphics, that may or may not really even have any connection to each other.

To do this, I put together a graphics collection!

Step 1: Find Lots of Images

There's only one rule to follow when building your collection: find (or create) graphics you love -- from old magazines, flyers, stickers, brochures at a cafe, a business card, printouts, journal sketches, words and phrases from newspapers/magazines, etc.

The best part is that building this collection becomes: a scavenger hunt to find images that celebrate you and what brings you joy! That alone is therapeutic!

I keep a little basket on my desk to fill with found cut-outs. Then, at the beginning of each week, I dig through it and add them to my planners weekly pages. Rather, rinse, repeat!

Step 2: Find Images of Text

Look for words to cut out that motivate and make you happy too! I found one above that said, "Home is the nicest word there is." Heck yes it is!

Step 3: Doodle Away

As noted in my previous designer secrets post, I am a designer who can't draw very well! So, I like to doodle a lot! Check out our Pinterest board for doodle ideas, or fill shapes with zentangle patterns to cut out and put in your planner too!

Step 4: Implement

This week, I sketched a little mountain in the style of one of my favorite doodle artists. I liked the colors so much, so I pasted it in my planner. Later, I found a horse in Country Living magazine and thought it would add some neat dimension to the page. Lastly, while playing around with some circle stickers I had, I noticed that this one almost looked like a sun rising over the mountain. I experimented with the positions of the graphics on the page before I stuck them on and was really happy with the final outcome!

There are so many uses for your little graphics. You can paste them on a post-it note or journaling card, build a surreal/abstract scene collage, or create a story around an item.

I found a bread box in a magazine and thought it'd be fun to write a prompt about the "bread winners" of our family and what that looks like in 2017. So many possibilities!

What does your graphics collection bin look like? Share with us at #wegraphicsbin