Which Type of Journaler are You?

I like to break down journaling into 3 styles: The Writer, The Doodler, The Painter. You should feel free to journal to your strengths! And if you haven't chosen your actual journal yet, here's a post about how to find the perfect one!

As we approach the summer solstice and new moon on the 24th, this is a great time to start your journal!

The Writer

You might be the Writer type if you feel WAY more comfortable jotting down your thoughts, ideas, stories, poems, and/or lists into your journal than adding any fancy drawings or paintings to your pages.

Take it to the next level: If you want to add some flair to your journal, consider learning some new handwriting styles or purchasing some fill-in-the-blank style journals! You may want to totally wild with some stickers or stamps!

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The Doodler

Somewhere between the Writer and the Painter is the Doodler. Your journal may be a mix of written words and small drawings. Doodlers have a knack for finding the perfect little graphic to drop into their pages and build beautiful text layouts around to surround them.

Take it to the next level: Your journal is probably already pretty flaired out! But you may consider dedicating one full page to your beautiful artwork. Consider doing some street sketching and watercolors!

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The Painter

We all know the Painter type -- gorgeous art journal pages popping with color, perfectly-placed sketches, and basically Van-Gogh-style masterpieces all in the confines of one tiny journal page. How do you do it!?

Take it down a notch: No, not really -- you do you, artist friends! But, if you want to try some new exercises in writing, consider adding journaling cards or exercise that poetry muscle!

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Some other ideas about what to journal about:

  • to-do lists
  • health goals
  • anxiety and/or motivation tracking
  • hydration
  • cycles
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