Soul Lesson Spread

I love this spread posted by @illuminatehope! Here is what I came up with for myself:

1. Current Soul Lesson: 7 of Wands

I feel like, especially lately, there are so many aspects of my work that connect to my soul lesson, so I thought it was interesting that three wand cards made an appearance! I struggle with feeling deserving of rising above and being successful. I'm trying to accept that my success doesn't have to mean that I'm taking away from someone else's success.

2. Awareness of Lesson: 8 of Wands

I don't know if I'll ever be fully aware of my soul lessons. I think that this card represents how fast paced work is right now and having a "sink or swim" scenario. I have no choice but to do my best and try to claim a successful path.

3. Subconscious Understanding: 3 of Cups

I like to think that my higher power is celebrating, as I've tried to connect daily, to meditate. I don't always listen as much as I should, but I feel my conscious and subconscious is in harmony most of the time. My mind is a happy place. Ha!

4. What is Helping me Through? 6 of Pentacles

The generosity and help from others. This card also often comes up for me when I "give a little bit," as the character in this card is giving out small coins. Since pentacles are about earthly/tangible things, I find that when I'm struggling with a big project or task, breaking it down into smaller items to address really helps me dive in and not get overwhelmed.

5. What Will Resolve This Lesson? Queen of Wands

Another Wands card! To me, this means embodying my inner queen. I'm trying to imagine the person I want to be on the inside and start to live my life as her. I have to start to be the Queen in order to become the Queen. I got this!