Love for 2-Card Readings

I am a big fan of 2-card readings. In my Tarot Day Book, I like to pull 2 cards each day to represent what I need to know, grow, or to let go. Though there's a lot to be gathered from a 1-card reading, I love exploring the relationship between 2 cards.

Here's How I Do It!

I suffer from anxiety. Sometimes I know what's causing it, but often I don't. My cards have been so incredibly helpful on my journey to being zen! Taking time to reflect is huge, and I like to try to assess and pinpoint what's causing my anxiety to eliminate those fears, by asking:

"What is the source of my anxiety?"

Using the Willow East Pearl Deck

When I asked my deck this question, I got the Intuition and Look Within cards. I get the Moon card a lot when I ask about my anxiety using my Tarot cards, and the Intuition card in the Willows East deck has a "Moon" vibe. Looking at only this card, I would say that my anxiety is tied to a deep empathy and understanding (and even sometimes misunderstandings) about situations. Maybe I over-think and over-analyze. The Moon also reminds me of nighttime, and my anxiety is certainly worse at nighttime when I get tired and overwhelmed. The Look Within card can be a card of solutions, the "key" to figuring it out. It also may mean that I'm internalizing a lot of daily stress. If I came up with one phrase to sum up these 2 cards, it would be, "Unlock your inner stress, and release!"

Using my Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I pulled the 10 of Cups and the 2 of Cups. These cards are, traditionally, happy family/partnership cards. With the 10 of Cups alone, I may have focused on family concerns and pressures to keep the family happy and balanced. Adding the 2 of Cups, this makes me wonder if I need to coordinate more with my husband to make sure we're helping each other find balance within the family. If I used one phrase to sum up these 2 cards, it would be: "A successful partnership means a well-balanced home."


What's Next?

Any reading will typically leave you with questions, so I asked two follow-up questions of my decks (optional), turning these readings into more-focused 3-card readings, where the card draws are leading:

  1. Willows East Pearl Deck: How can I release stress in a healthy way?
    Partnership Card - Interesting that this card came up! Spend more time with my husband, maybe even go for a walk together -- this card has a very "outside" vibe.
  2. Rider Waite Deck: How can I work with my husband better to be a happier, healthier family?
    6 of Swords - This card has come up for me in multiple readings this week. I'm going to jot it down as a weekly theme in my journal. It may mean that we need to get out more, to take a vacation. It could mean that I should assign him more responsibilities to help take care of us/the home more. I'm definitely feeling a "much-needed vacation" energy from these cards. Ha!