5 Ways to Honor the Full Moon in Ritual and Journaling

In honor of the full moon tomorrow, I've curated a 5-Step Full Moon collection for us to enjoy this time with journaling, and ritual, if you like!

1. Moon Water

Do you like to put your cards or divination tools on the window sill during the Full Moon? It's a great time to let your tools (cards, crystals, oils, water) recharge by moonlight (hopefully it will be a clear night)!

In this post by Melanie of Ask-Angels.com, she provides instructions to create some moonlight water to give you energy and balance!

2. Acknowledge the Cycle of Your Energy

So often, I forget that the cycles of the moon often affect how I feel, work, and interact with others. Instagram user @tantric.alchemy shared this great graphic on how the moon generally affects her creativity and work. Your cycles may not line up exactly with hers, but I love how this graphic breaks down the cycle into 4 weeks. It's a good reminder that, if you're going through a difficult time, turn your focus to the following week when your energy will most likely shift in a new direction.

3. Complete a Full Moon Reading

If reading cards isn't your thing, maybe you want to simply meditate on moving forward or journal about what you need to let go of. Here is a spread I like to complete on the Full Moon. Let each card drawn represent:

  1. What am I missing?
  2. What do I need to let go of?
  3. Once I've let go of what doesn't serve, what will come forward?

4. Start a Full Moon Ritual

Sharron at GypsyArtEvents.com has a fantastic post about how to honor and connect with the Full Moon. Some ideas include: creating an altar, acknowledging a moon deity, donating items you no longer need, meditating on the topic of releasing what doesn't serve, and exercising that creative muscle by painting or journaling.

5. Do Something for Your Future Self

This is my own personal full-moon and "any time I feel overwhelmed" ritual. Do something today that you will appreciate tomorrow. Think of it as a gift to your future self. It can be small -- last night, I prepped graphics for this post, and they were waiting for me in my inbox when I began to write. Maybe you want to put flowers on the table or clean the kitchen. But think of it as an exercise in self care and way to honor who you will be tomorrow.

*Moon Image by FreePik.com