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Willows East Insta Tarot Class

What It Is: The Insta Tarot Class is an abbreviated version of my Intro to Tarot Online Course and includes the Willows East Card Meanings Quick Key and the Journal Key (both linked below). The rest of the Notes, Tips, and Card Draws will be posted on Instagram (#WeInstaClass) and in the gallery below for further review.

Where: Once you've downloaded the below reference materials, you can check our Instagram feed or #WeInstaClass each day for updates.

When: The Insta Tarot Class will run from Aug. 1-30 (with a few early posts in July).

Why: To tap into your intuition and get a little more bad-ass at living your daily life!

Would you like more one-on-one guidance?

You can use the #WeInstaClass hashtag too! I'll be happy to review your card draws, help with readings, or offer words of encouragement!

My mission is to inspire you to read Tarot daily for yourself!

And I hope you'll learn to love it as much as I do. I use my cards each day to ask what I need to know about the day, how I can overcome obstacles, and basically work toward living a more fulfilled life in the areas of health, mental wellness, career, and family.

If you haven't started a journal yet, you may want to now! Not sure where to start, check out our How to Choose the Perfect Journal post.

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