5 Daily Questions for Your Tarot or Key Cards

This is a quick list of my favorite DAILY questions I've been using over the last week when planning and journaling!

  1. How do I stay motivated today?
  2. What do I need to know about today?
  3. What is my energy like today?
  4. Which obstacles might I face today?
  5. How can I be most successful today?

And here are some of my favorite answers, using the printable Willows East Pearl Deck. You can try the digital version too!

  1. To stay motivated? Go Forth! Motivation may come and go, but just keep moving forward. Even taking tiny steps helps!
  2. Need to know? Intuition! At this time in my monthly cycle, I'm deeply pensive and enjoying my spiritual, in-my-own-head time. Savor it. The compass reminds me that I'm filled with inspiration and direction today!
  3. My energy today? Innocence! This also relates to that "one step at a time" feeling. I may need to be aware of my tendency to get lost in my own thoughts and make sure I'm being aware of what's going on around me.
  4. Obstacles I may face? Happiness!? Hmm, sometimes this card simply is a "weather" card for me. It could mean that the weather will be a challenge. This could also represent what I suggested in number 3, my happy-go-lucky attitude may be challenged today or cause me to lose focus.
  5. To be most successful? Wisdom! Hit the books! Be prepared.

I also asked, "How can I be the best mom today?" I pulled 2 cards: Willpower and New Perspective. Check and check! My strong-willed child needs a strong-willed mama, but we have to both be willing to make compromises. I will do my best to try to see things her way and not be so stubborn myself!