How to Get More Out of Your 3-Card Oracle Readings

Recently, a fellow reader asked me about the meaning of these 3 cards in relation to the question, "Should I take on a new job opportunity?" She had been a stay-at-home mom for a year and felt ready to get back into the workplace.

The most important thing to remember about oracle cards is that they work best when read in pairs. So, for a 3-card reading, I like to read cards 1 & 2 together, 2 & 3 together, and then 1 & 3 together.

Cards 1 & 2

I'l start by reading Compass/Intuition and Snake/Temptation cards together. Intuition paired with Temptation may mean that she's afraid to trust her instincts. Since the compass is also a card of trusting your inner voice and having a sense of direction, so she could be deceiving herself by thinking that she has only one option or simply experiencing self-doubt.

Cards 2 & 3

Snake/Temptation and Teacup/Balance might indicate that this new job is going to set her life off balance and leave her reeling somewhat. This new job is definitely going to turn her life upside down, but it might be what's needed right now.

Cards 1 & 3

Reading Compass/Intuition and Teacup/Balance together as an "Outcome," tells me that she will find her way. She's aware enough of what's needed in her life and will navigate the challenges well.

Visuals & Directions

Just like with Tarot and Lenormand, I like to look at the visuals in the cards for more clues. I'm drawn to the moon in the Intuition card. I feel like nighttime is important to her. It may be a time when her anxiety spikes or her intuition. Maybe nighttime is when she has her children in bed and can reconnect with her plans for this new job.

When the cards are side-by-side, the Snake is facing the Teacup. This tells me that her calm moments of mindfulness may be most at risk in taking this new job. So, her new work hours may overlap with a time when she would normally enjoy a quiet moment by herself.

None of these things mean that she shouldn't take the job, of course, but it helps to go into the situation being aware that she may have to make some big changes to make sure she gives herself the biggest chance for success.

I asked one final question: "What will be the best way to overcome these obstacles?" and got the Butterfly/Rebirth and Clover/New Perspective cards. Clover can also traditionally mean luck. So, I feel this means that she is going to have to be prepared to transform herself, to think of herself as a working mom, and to be prepared to make some big changes in her life to make this work.

For this reading, I used the Willows East Pearl Deck (printable here). You can also try it before you buy it (here).

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