Reading Cards That Are NOT in Your Tarot Spread

Do you ever notice in your readings that, after awhile, you start to be able to predict which Tarot cards are going to pop up in a spread? Or, if not the exact cards, at least the suits? And when they don't show up, my intuition has to take a minute to catch up!

That happened a few weeks ago when I was doing a reading for a friend. She wanted to review her career and work/family balance. The cards I expected to see were: cups -- how to keep building those emotional connections, themes of re-connecting with loved ones, maybe even 10 of Pentacles representing long-term success for future generations. Nope!

Instead, we ended up with wands and pentacles and the Hierophant... I had to take a minute to work through it. I know The Hierophant can sometimes mean marriage, but that didn't make sense to me in this spread. Though we can all agree that a healthy marriage helps everything else fall into place, this seemed to be tied to work and the pressures of some higher institution or corporation. She validated that for me.

So, where were those cups? I shared my thoughts about her work success and willingness to work with others, based on everything I was seeing in the cards we had. Then, I finally asked... Is it possible that your family is 100% fine and supportive of your work schedule and rallying to help you make this work? And the answer was: YES! They were. So, we concluded that it was OK to NOT worry about her family too much, to focus on her own success and well-being for awhile. And, let me tell you, this hard-working woman deserves it!

So, as you get more comfortable with reading Tarot for yourself and others, I encourage you to look for common suits in your readings AND take note of the suits that are missing:

For example, a reading with lots of swords may mean that the person is thought-driven or lost in their own thoughts BUT not taking action (Where are those wands?). Trust your intuition in understanding the missing piece and why it might be missing. It could be good or bad!

You may want to consider the meanings of:

No cups -- a lack of emotion (good or bad) or emotional connections with friends/family

No swords -- a lack of thought or logic not being applied

No pentacles -- a lack of consideration of finances/physical wellbeing

No wands -- a lack of action being taken/stagnation

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