That Time Someone Told Me That I Don't Read Tarot Right

It's going to happen eventually, especially if you're public about your love of tarot... The first time it happened to me, I was happily sharing a tarot success story in a Facebook group...

I was struggling with whether or not to go with my sister to an art event in Burlington. So, I asked my cards if I should go. As usual, I got some much-needed insight -- the 5 of Wands told me that it might be busy, that I'd be competing for something -- attention, a moment of solitude, or maybe that there'd just be a lot of sharing of ideas and warring opinions. There are times I love that type of energy in a crowd. Other times, it's way too much for me. The 3 of Cups suggested some fun to be had, possibly with others beside my sister, and the 4 of Swords represented my need for some downtime. I decided not to go and to get to bed early.

I shared in the group how empowered I felt by taking time to reflect, to listen to my inner voice.

Then, in typical troll fashion, a man left a comment saying that this was an inappropriate use for Tarot and that if I couldn't figure out something as simple as whether or not I wanted to go somewhere... on my own, without using the cards, that I had issues.

Whoa. So, he didn't have to be so harsh! But, in his defense, he wasn't really a typical troll... he was just an old-school Tarot reader. He had respect for the craft and felt it should be respected and used in serious situations.

On the other hand, I was self-taught and continue to use Tarot as an extension of my intuition. I keep my cards close at all times and refer to them any time I need a reality check.

And speaking of reality checks, what he didn't understand, and what I was happy to explain to him is that... as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression and who struggles to find my inner voice and make choices that are best for me, I was using the cards for a serious matter. My instinct was to do what would make my sister happy (even though she would have understood), and taking a moment of mindfulness to reflect on what I needed was HUGE.

But, regardless, I was soon accepted and welcomed into a community of women who use Tarot for everything! No rules, no strings attached! No outlandish superstitions, but still maintaining some serious respect for the power of Tarot!

I use my cards any time I feel helpless, anxious, depressed. I ask what the source of my anxiety is, what the energy of projects are, about my business focuses. I use them in prayer and meditation, for pretty planner pictures, etc.!

And, most importantly, I use them in my own personal way. My relationship with my deck represents who I am as a friend: fiercely loyal, honest, a good listener, and the type of person who sees no problem as too big or too small -- knowing we can figure anything out together!