Update: The Ghost of Mr. Scribner


I've attempted an EVP session with Mr. Scribner. I don't have good enough sound equipment to know for sure, but I do think I hear a voice at one point... After question 3, it's just birds (not screaming demons... ha!), and you can hear some pops/shuffling during the session, which came through quite loudly! Let me know if you hear anything I missed!

Original Post

I began my spiritual/mediumship journey just before my daughter was born. And though I've had many dreams and visions of spirits, and maybe even a glimpse of something eerie out of the corner of my eye, I've never in my life seen a full-body apparition, until last Tuesday.

I should preface this by noting that, about a year ago, I was sure I had seen a man walk by my bedroom door, while I was at my desk. He was wearing a white short-sleeve t-shirt. Though my husband usually wears navy-colored shirts, I convinced myself it was him walking by the doorway... until he came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and confirmed that it certainly could not have been him. So, I tried to remember what I could from that quick wisp I saw at a sideways glance. I couldn't piece together any more of the vision, but I thought I could feel his energy. Masculine, for sure, and a 1940s/50s vibe, smoker I believed.

And that was it. Over the next year, I would occasionally hear odd noises: a rustling in the kitchen I couldn't explain; the jewelry rattling in a dish on my night table; creaky footsteps in the hall when I was home alone. When you group all these occurrences together, sure, they sound spooky. But over the course of a year, a few odd sounds tend to get explained away by an old building and the wind...

Then, last Tuesday, I was standing in the kitchen chatting with my co-worker on the phone (I work from home most weekdays). I was trying to make good use of my time by making a sandwich while talking about work schedules. I also tend to pace while on the phone, so as I finished making my sandwich, I chattered away and wandered into the living room, facing the hallway.

When I looked up, I was face-to-face with a man wearing a light-colored t-shirt, dark slicked-back hair, and large ears that protruded from his head. I couldn't make out his face. He was gone as soon as I caught a glimpse of him.

I used to always wonder what it was like to really see a ghost. I wondered if I would scream, be unable to move, or would be curious and try to communicate. But, in actuality, my brain didn't have time to rationally comprehend what it was seeing. My first thought wasn't, "Oh, hey, a ghost!" It was, "How did this man get in my living room without walking past me?"

That was the exact thought that went through my head. I had stopped talking mid-sentence and suddenly realized I was hearing a far-away voice calling my name and asking if I was there. It was my co-worker, alarmed that I had stopped talking.

Only THEN did it hit me that I had seen something paranormal. I felt cold chills start from the top of my head and creep down my neck and arms. I physically shivered and began telling my co-worker what I saw. I couldn't hide my excitement. It was, after all, the "holy grail" of spiritual phenomenon! I had to have a bit of a "Weee!" nerd moment.

I also Skyped a friend of mine, when I got back to my desk, who loves good ghost stories. She has lived in the area her entire life and knew a man in town who supposedly could pull some data about our building from the town archives, if I wanted. I said "Sure!" but wondered if anything could be found.

Our apartment building is essentially where the barn of an old farmhouse used to be. The farmhouse itself, a brick cottage-like building, is now connected to our apartment building and is used for local businesses. It still retains its historic cottage look, though. Unfortunately, because it stands between two towns, I've yet to find it on any historic map. Maps of each town exclude the area where the house would be drawn. So, I was doubtful the town historian would uncover much of anything.

To my surprise, two days later, my friend emailed me a document from 1976 with information about the farmhouse, including the year built and previous owners. I read through pages of minor details about when it was built (1830),  years the house changed owners, renovations, and the location of an old sugar house and outbuilding on the property, standing adjacent to where our apartment building is now.

As I read further, I found a section titled: "Statement of Significance," and the last sentence read, "The present owner bought the house (We know this is Roland M. per the document, ~1940s) from a Mr. Scribner, who hung himself in the sugar house at the time of purchase."

The time frame made sense: my ghost looked like a 1940s-kinda guy. And, so I've started calling our visitor Mr. Scribner, which has given me a sense of peace. I pray for him and for his soul to be at rest. I continue to search for more information, including his grave, but have had no luck. I did find that the Scribners were well known in the area and that, most likely, he was related to the Scribners in a neighboring town. I found a photo of some of them (below). Even though this is probably NOT my Mr. Scribner, the man on the far left looks VERY similar to our house guest. I look forward to taking more time this week, while I'm still on vacation, to investigate further!

I also completed this Tarot spread for Mr. Scribner:

The images of the cards I drew are below. Here is my interpretation of them:

  1. Beginning of His Life: Five of Wands
    Competition, struggle. The family may have been poor. I feel like the number 5 is significant -- so possibly 5 people in the family or 5 siblings. It's interesting that there are 5 people in the photo above...
  2. Middle of His Life: The Star
    Hopes, dreams, expectations; striving for something bigger.
  3. End of His Life: Page of Cups
    We know that Mr. Scribner committed suicide. So, the Page of Cups feels like a sad, passionate man. I feel his suicide was a last send off, not wanting to let go of the dreams and plans he had.
  4. Why is He Here: Seven of Cups
    Ahh, ok! So this card really clicked for me. Though 7 of Cups is typically a card of too many choices, it often comes up for me when I've had a spiritual "a-ha" moment, as the spirit in the center of the image is manifesting. It could also mean that Mr. Scribner just wants to be seen, heard, to make himself known to us.
  5. How Can I Help Him: The Magician
    I hope this means that he sees me as someone who has a spiritual connection, who he knows he can connect with. I can help him by acknowledging him, listening to him, and praying for him to find peace.
  6. The Energy of His Spirit: The Fool
    I've always felt that he's lost, that his spirit isn't very much evolved, if that makes sense. His choice to take his own life felt very deliberate, planned, calmly calculated -- not just a quick moment of helplessness. He saw no way out and still seems confused about where he is and what to do.

Other insights:

  • While shuffling and thinking about what else Mr. Scribner might want me to know, the Knight of Swords and Wheel of Fortune fell out of the deck (the top and bottom cards of the deck). These stumped me a bit at first. I've been getting the Wheel a lot in my readings, and it seems to point to aspects of my life that I just can't control. Maybe this is how Mr. Scribner and I are the same. Maybe he tried so hard to make a life for himself and was so focused on what he thought his life should be (Knight of Swords) that he forgot to let the chaos of the Wheel of Life lead sometimes, to go with the flow, to try something new.
  • I asked for one final message from my Willows East Pearl deck. I started shuffling my deck, only to realize that 3 of the cards in my deck were flipped face up. I started to turn them over to re-shuffle when I wondered if these 3 cards were the ones I was supposed to find. They were: Chaos, Willpower, and Go Forth. I was thrilled! This seemed to validate the previous message -- the rabbit is springing forth from the chaos, from fear, and using her willpower (The Magician energy again!) to take the world by storm!
  • I think Mr. Scribner wants us to know that we should be strong in the face of chaos and to be brave enough to let it change us.