Making Magick: Getting Started

Are you new to the art of the craft, making magick, and other woo-woo stuff? Me too! And, quite honestly, I'm feeling a bit lost. I've read books about witchcraft, have limited family tradition to back up my knowledge, and am basically wandering around aimlessly in the world of woo!

But I'm fascinated and want to learn more! So, if you're new too, maybe we can learn together! Here is what I know so far (and what I'm making up as I go along):

There Are Way Too Many Resources

When I started to explore the witchy world, I was buried in way too much information. My favorite book that helped simplify the old religions was: The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Penczak. I also like following Jess Carlson of, and my new favorite witchy warrior is The Traveling Witch. I use the site Witches of the Craft, and I search online for spells, blessings, and such.

You can also always ask questions in our Willows East Facebook Group!

Trust Your Intuition

If you share any of your woo on social media, someone somewhere is going to tell you that you should "never ever, ever use mooka lokka petals in a protection spell," or something like that. Ha! But it is 100% OK to do what feels right to you when you're doing spell-work. It's great to find spell recipes online, but don't hesitate to change them or simplify them using the tools and ingredients you have in your own home. If you find a certain oil calming that others find invigorating, it's still OK to use it in YOUR calming spell!

Trust Your Spirituality

I was raised as a Christian and still am one. Does that mean I can't practice witchcraft? Nope. I see Christians every day who do a lot worse in the name of their God than light some candles and throw some spices around to honor the divine. Ha! I still acknowledge Jesus as the son of God and use spells (recitations, candles, etc., to enhance my prayers). I also acknowledge the feminine aspect of the divine and pray to her. Consider which words are comfortable to you in prayer. Do you want to pray to the universe, your higher power, God, the Goddess, all of the above? That's A-OK too.

Collect Spells, Blessings, Chants, and Affirmations That YOU Like

Traditionally known as a Book of Shadows, I started collecting spells, prayers, blessings, and affirmations that I found online and in books. Some I changed for my own purposes. I keep a journal where I write down my favorites. I prefer to use a binder or disc-bound journal so that I can arrange my spells and ingredient notes in alphabetical order for quick reference.

Know Your Elements

I sometimes like to address a certain element (fire, earth, air, or water) in my prayer work while I recite my prayer/spell.

Air: If I want to send out healing, focus my thoughts, or release a mental block I'm feeling, I might call on the essence of air and use incense to represent it in my spell work.
Fire: If I want to ignite passion for something, fuel energy into a project, or just represent motivation, I'll use a candle. (I also use candles to represent remembrance of someone, a healing vigil, or sanctity/cleansing of space.)
Water: I may use a small bowl of water to represent cleansing, a "cooling off" of emotions, temperance, balance, and harmony.
Earth: I may use dirt, rocks, or salt to represent earth and therefore the physical aspect of our lives, physical body. Personally, I like to use earth to represent abundance, nutrients, and quiet. It can also instill a feeling of calm/weighing-down of emotions.

Take Inventory

See which supplies you already have on hand in your spice rack. Most of us have at least a few of these: sage, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, nutmeg, tarragon, etc. Search for your spices online and see which properties they can enhance in spell-work. Jot down their significance in your journal. You will also probably want candles, salt, and sage for smudging (cleansing).

What Do I Do When I'm Done With Spell Supplies?

Once you've completed your ritual, it's OK to consider the magick and prayer-work complete and toss out the remnants of your work (burnt-down candles, ash, etc.).

That's It!

Before you know it, you'll find a spell you like online and be able to try it with the ingredients you have on hand.

Wanna Try? Here is a Simple Home Blessing Spell

To represent air, you may want to use incense, sage smoke, an oil diffuser, or an all-natural air spray. You can also simply open the windows to let in some fresh air! To represent fire, light a candle.

Stand in front of the air & flame, and imagine that you are surrounded in white light. Imagine that white light stretches deep down into the earth and fills you with loving energy to spread into your home. Then, say:

Dear God/Goddess/Universe:

By air and fire,
Cleanse this space
Then, bless each room
With love and grace

I don't like to leave candles burning too long, so don't hesitate to blow them out. The magick won't disappear, promise!

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