Tarot, Magick, and Weight Loss

This post is inspired by and based on the spells outlined in the book 365 Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham, pages 14, 49.

Before I begin my discussion about Tarot, Magick , and Weight Loss, let me assure you of 3 things: 1) I am not "skinny." 2) I will never meet society's defined standards of "skinny," and 3) I don't want you to be "skinny" either. What I'm striving for is, "the perfect physical machine to house my soul." And the definition of what that means should be different to everyone.

If you want to start some new health goals with me, I encourage you to do the following:

List 3-5 Goals that Define Your Image of Health

I encourage you not to focus on fitting into a certain size of clothing, meeting a certain weight goal, attaining others' weight loss goals... nor mirroring your image from what society would define as healthy. Think: What do I want my body to do? How do I want my body to feel? Mine will be:

  1. The ability to sit comfortably in meditation.
  2. The ability to do light yoga in meditation.
  3. The ability to walk with ease for meditative purposes.
  4. To eat foods that improve my mood and energy.
  5. To appreciate, in moments of mindfulness, the natural foods from the earth.

By choosing to focus on goals that are small, fun, and that rock your own inner and outer beauty, the larger goal of weight loss becomes just an after-effect of celebrating wellness and self-care.

Build Your Ritual

After you've defined these goals, it's easier to implement some daily or weekly rituals that help you attain the above 3-5 goals. I know I'll want to do a grocery shopping that is mindful of the food goals I've outlined for myself. It doesn't mean that I won't enjoy sweets; I'll just be more mindful about when I eat them and how they affect my mood. I want to be able to meditate, do light yoga, and walk. So, I'll schedule ~30 minutes each day to do one of those 3 things.

I want to make this ritual my own, so I'm going to include music and podcasts that I love and bring me joy. I'm going to make my 30 minutes something I genuinely look forward to.

Make Magick

Prayers, mantras, visualizations, and spells can help you rock your body image, give you strength to make healthy choices, and motivate you to keep going.


Keep your self-talk positive. If you catch yourself starting an, "I'm not good enough" monologue, just replace that thought with something positive like, "I am trying," "I am making healthy choices," and "I am a magickal being who is building the perfect body to house my soul." Construction sites are messy, your journey will be too. Ask your higher power, the God/Goddess, and/or the universe for help accepting yourself and staying motivated.



Repeating simple mantras in your head can help you stay focused and exert your willpower. Here are some simple ones:

  • Healthy spirit, healthy body.
  • Step by step, I am stronger.
  • Nutrition feeds ambition.


Using a visualization can be a powerful tool as a reminder of your health goals and daily motivation. I chose to put up an image of a yoga pose I want to learn. I made sure to find this image of a woman looking healthy and happy while doing this pose.


Spells can really give you that extra push you need and call on the powers of the universe and your own spirituality to accomplish your health goals. Here are two spells inspired by 365 Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham:

Spell for Healthy Weight Loss

  • You will need the following Tarot cards for visualization (look up online if needed): The Sun (symbolizing ultimate health), The Magician (willpower), The Star (the journey to attain your goal); and a healthy food to eat, for example, an apple.
  • You may want to perform your spell during the waning moon to symbolize any struggles fading away, to be replaced with new motivation.
  • Focus on the visual of The Sun card. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of it radiating and warming your body. Its energy feeds your body and energizes you. Make a promise to yourself to follow your specific health goals.
  • Focus on the visual of The Magician. Imagine yourself as the Magician, channeling the power of the sun.
  • Focus on the visual of The Star. Imagine yourself leading a balanced life, being renewed each night, finding peace and calm, and achieving your goals easily.
  • Eat your healthy food you've prepared for this spell. Take a moment to appreciate the flavor of this food. Imagine the fuel from the sun that created it, and remember that you are transforming yourself into healthy energy by eating this healthy food.
  • Recite the following incantation:
    My soul is strong and free to roam.
    My body is its thriving home.
    My spirit blooms bright, leaves of lace
    My body, its protective vase.
    As my soul expands to infinite space,
    Bless my body with strength and grace.
  • Eat your healthy food each day as a reminder of your spell. Place an image of your cards or an image to represent your health goals somewhere you will see it each day.

Spell for Self Love and Positive Body Image

  • You will need: The World card for a visualization, a bath or shower, candles, and your favorite music.
  • Light your candles. If you don't have candles, you can use incense or even just essential oils in your bath or shower to represent fire or air. Air has the power to transform your thoughts, and fire represents passion/love and motivation for transformation.
  • While in the bath/shower, imagine stepping through the wreath in The World card and emerging through this "portal" a new person -- who prioritizes her health goals and is living a healthy lifestyle. She is not "perfect," but she's driven to do better and show herself love and respect.
  • Close your eyes and visualize your body. Focus on all the aspects of your body that you love, and not only because of how those aspects of your body look. Recite the following incantation.
  • May my feet walk me through life's adventures.
    May my legs lead me in the right direction.
    May my arms lift myself and others.
    May my hands hold the tools of my trade.
    May my heart love so deeply.
    And may my body continue to serve me well.
  • Feel free to repeat this spell any time you need a restart for your healthy journey.

Tarot Spreads

Would you also like to start your health journey with some mindful Tarot moments? Here are two spreads that might help!

  1. Three Cards to Represent:
    1) Current State of My Health
    2) Struggles I May Face
    3) How to Overcome These Struggles
  2. Two Cards to Represent:
    1) What to Let Go of On My Health Journey
    2) What to Focus On During My Health Journey
  3. Three Cards to Represent
    1) How to Stay Motivated
    2) How to Stay Focused
    3) How to Keep Moving Forward

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