Magic For Daily Life and Creating Your Spell Book

I am feeling so completely "stuck" this week. Even my morning coffee isn't giving me a boost of motivation. I'm sure it's a combination of many things -- cooler autumn weather setting in (brr, can I go back to bed?), my baby going off to Kindergarten (I thought I was ready, now I'm not so sure...), and big changes at work (more responsibilities that I'm not emotionally ready to handle yet). All of these things make me want to hide beneath the blankets with a good book and some apple cider donuts.

But, I can't, I have to keep moving on and getting work done. Since this "stuck" feeling is common with me during change, I felt it was a good item to address in my spell book. That way, when I feel like this next month, I have some tools in my tool-book.

Be Aware of Patterns of Behavior, and Have a Spiritual Plan in Mind

I start by creating a spell card for whatever problem I'm dealing with. In this case, it's lack of motivation, so I'm creating a "Motivation" index card. I treat my spell book like a recipe book. I like to use a binder, so I can sort my spell cards alphabetically. Under the letter "C," for example, I have a card that lists spell properties of Cinnamon and a card with a Calming prayer. All of it gets filed under "C."

Write Down Your Plan!

Under Motivation, I wrote the following incantation:

By air, my worry is released.
Depression and weariness now will cease.
By this flame, my passion is ignited.
Motivation and drive hence are righted.

I also noted ingredients that could help in meditation and spell work: a candle to represent passion and drive, peppermint oil to diffuse, my favorite incense. I noted that it might help to drink water and pray over the water, go for a walk (barefoot in the grass), to use cinnamon in spell work or in my morning coffee or tea. You may have different items that work for you.


Consider Visualizations, Music, and Meditations

Do you have a certain environment where you work more efficiently or feel more inspired? It may help to make your work space more like your motivated space or have a photo of this environment on your desk, or meditate and imagine that you're in that environment. Upbeat music can sometimes help.

Something kind of odd that I do is listen to a police scanner app. My father worked in law enforcement when we were growing up, and he had a police scanner on a lot of the time. The energy of hearing the scanner makes me feel motivated. Maybe it's the energy of the police working diligently or a reminder of my father's work ethic when we were kids, but it always helps me focus.

You may find shows with procedural themes like hospital shows or true crime shows help you focus too.

Tarot/Oracle Reading

I also find it helps to pull a Tarot card to get some intuitive guidance about which type of spiritual approach will work best to solve problems each day. I asked my deck, "How can I overcome this weary, disinterested feeling I have today?" and pulled the Sun card.

The Sun card can have any number of meanings, so trust your instinct. I felt it meant that I had to get outside today and go for a walk. To you, it could mean a need to focus on simple life joys, to spend time with your child, to make your office brighter and filled with more natural light, etc.!

Applying Spirituality to Other Areas of Your Life

Not all spells or rituals are created equal, so you should expect that you may need to make some tweaks to your spiritual practice and work with tools that you connect with. I've found that the best way to apply spiritual practices to my life is to have a daily ritual that I change as needed and to look at magic and prayer as a solution to my problems.

Even just considering the daily challenges in your life may give you some ideas about areas of focus. For me it would be: stress relief, confidence, and strength in the face of adversity. Then, you can start planning spiritual practices to help with those areas and jot down what works best.

Remember that you don't need to run to your health food store and spend a fortune on spices and incense. You can search online for spice uses in spells for the spices you already have in your cupboard. A simple tea light or votive candle can add that fire element to your spell to symbolize drive, passion, cleansing energy, etc.! 

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