Defining Success, a Tarot Exercise

Success Is So Many Things

This week, I shared an Instagram story with my followers about defining success for your business (and this can be applied to other areas of your life). Thought I would put it into a blog to keep it!

Remember, our intuition likes clear instructions and questions, so it's no surprise that when I began asking "How can I make this plan/service successful?" the answers I got were a little... confusing.

I quickly realized that it's because there are SO many different types of success -- emotional success, spiritual success, success in networking, profitable successes.

And it's the same way in other areas of your life -- a "successful" family means so many different things to different people. This realization got me thinking: how would I define success for my daughter when she becomes an adult? Financial stability, happiness, a loving home and partner. But I'm sure there are some moms out there who hold their children to very different standards.

The Energy of Success

So, when looking at the services my business offers, I thought it would be interesting to ask the cards about the energy of the success of each service -- so which type of success energy this service has the potential to bring to my business. From there, it was pretty easy to measure how successful those services were and which services needed/deserved extra time and energy!


Here are two examples of success energies:

I know, by looking only at the numbers for my business, that readings and journals are the most profitable services my business has. But when I pulled cards, I got:

  1. Readings - 2 of Cups
    The potential energy of readings seemed to be an emotional success, those 2 cups coming together in partnership. And I realized that, I never ever ever looked at readings as a way to make money! I always did them out of the pure joy of connecting with others and a need to help people. If you've ever contacted me in crisis, you'll know that I would gladly pull cards for you without even thinking to ask for payment. It doesn't cross my mind.
  2. The Journal - The Star
    Oh, the journal... it's my baby, AND it's the most profitable service/product I offer. Getting The Star card for this made me so ecstatic. I spent a lot of time analyzing what The Star meant to me. I concluded that it was success in ALL areas that are important to me -- financial to pay the bills; it plays to my creative side; it fuels the creative energy of the blog; it is my 'star' product; and because it prints on demand, it has allowed me to earn passive income, which is so beautifully reflected by the Star card's message of balance.


I've also been so happy creating art again, just doodling and playing with watercolors, and so I've been fueling that energy into new products for the blog that align with that "Star" product. And I've been putting less time into some of my other services. I still want to keep them, but I now know how to prioritize my schedule and give time to what's really important to me in the moment. All good things!

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