Where to Invest Your Time Spread

I had a HUGE epiphany this weekend while I was driving in the car to and from New York for 5 straight hours (twice). And that realization was:

Holy crap! I'm not spending my time how I should.

I'm going to use my website as an example, but you can apply this same reasoning to family, work, individual projects, planning, etc.!

Time Spent

First, break down your project into 3-4 areas of time spent. Rank them from most-time spent to least-time spent on each task. For my site, it's:

  1. Blogging
  2. Instagramming
  3. Newsletters
  4. Creating Products

Actual Goal(s)

Also, what is your goal? If mine is to be a crazy, mystical, world-famous blogger and Instagrammer, my goals match my time spent. But, guess what? Those are NOT my goals. They are:

  1. To share knowledge/wisdom/joy/spiritual awakening.
  2. Profit.

And here comes my holy crap moment... Why am I spending so much time blogging when I can better connect with folks via Instagram and other forms of social media? And then I could use the blog instead as a vehicle to deliver products, brief updates, and other quick posts that milennials can read in 30 seconds, like this one hopefully. Woot!

How Tarot Can Help Realign Your Goals With the Energy You're Investing

I think when you actually take the time to compare your time-spent areas to your goals for a project, you're going to see pretty quickly the shifts that need to be made. But here's a helpful worksheet to guide you. Fill in the circles with your card symbols or numbers.

I realized that I wanted to put more time into creating worksheets/products and having Instagram party time. Ha!

Download the PDF Here