5 Gifts From the Tarot, With Prompts

And it isn't just Tarot. It's spirituality in general. It's trusting my own intuition. It's seeing my family's view of God. It's giving in to the power of something bigger than myself. It's seeing myself as worthy of love.

Tarot opened a door, and on the other side, I was gifted:

1. Acceptance of Self

I used to see my inner voice like a child having a temper tantrum, especially during anxiety attacks. Learning to trust her and what she had to tell me was huge. HUGE. Tarot forced me to sit, reflect, and listen to her. And, yeah, now I know that my inner voice is pretty bad-ass.

Draw 2 Cards: Who am I at my best?

2. The Mysterious Woo

Tarot is mysterious, occult-ish, celebrates those deep inner knowings, the poetry of the subconscious. Every time I think about picking up my deck, I'm filled with joy in knowing that the answers I seek live within me, within prayer and meditation, within the Universe, etc., and I can find them!

Draw 2 Cards: What is one hidden aspect of my personality?

3. A Holding On and A Letting Go

Have you ever experienced this? When I first started turning to the Tarot for answers to my life questions, I felt almost dependent on them. But that's OK, because the cards told me when it was time to let go. That's one of the best things about the cards. They will push you out of the nest when it's time and be there to catch you if you fall flat on your face.

Draw 2 Cards: Which energy do I need to release?

4. Structure

The cards have helped me make business plans, to be more forward-thinking. They've made me feel empowered to make big changes in my life and find direction. They give me confidence in knowing that I have options if my plan doesn't work out. They don't promise me a certain future, but they promise that I can manage uncertainty.

Draw 2 Cards for Each:
What is the energy of this project?
Which potential successes am I not seeing?

Which potential concerns am I not seeing?
What is the best possible outcome?
In trying to complete this project this (day/week/month/year), what will the challenges be? How can I overcome these challenges?

5. The Big Picture

If you're a regular card-slinger, you'll know that trying to get a big-picture view of your life is a bit like trying to get a sense of what Earth looks like from space, while you're standing on the ground. There's only so much you can see and understand. Tarot helps me to be at peace with what I don't know, to know what I can control and what I cannot.

It helps me to see patterns in my life and my behavior, offering clues to understanding the big picture.

Draw 2 Cards for Each:
What can I give back to the world?
Which type of work brings me the most joy and fulfillment?

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