Podcast 005 - Starting a Simple Tarot Journal

While listening to Episode 5 (Starting a Simple Tarot Journal), I thought you might like to see some of the journals I've created.

These are the 2 journaling methods I'm using now:

Moleskine Pocket Journal (3.5" x 5")

-For daily journal writing and some Tarot readings (I added the "my heart is open" sticker).


OneNote Journal, for PC (Syncs With Laptop/Phone)

-For quickly logging readings on the go. I copy and paste found images into my OneNote journal:


Two Options for Tarot Shorthand

I use either of these options, depending on how much page space I have to draw symbols versus write the letters.


Some of My Many Journaling Adventures!

Oh goodness, this makes me want to get back into my more artsy ones!

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