Printable Spell Kit - A Fresh Start

At Willows East, we use simple spell ingredients (candles and scents) that you can find around your home. You should always feel free to substitute ingredients with what you have on hand.

A Fresh Start

The Fresh Start printable kit is the perfect self-care spell if you’re feeling a need to release what no longer serves and take a fresh look at your life. It uses the energies of sunset and sunrise to clear out the old and bring in the new.

The kit has 5 pages that include:

  1. an intro message.

  2. spell instructions and ingredients.

  3. fresh start journaling prompts (with circles for your Tarot or Oracle card symbols).

  4. a blank journaling section to write in your own questions (also with circles for your Tarot or Oracle card symbols).

  5. the Willows East Tarot Symbol Key, to use if you like.

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