5 Things I've Learned About Tarot (So Far)

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I've been reading Tarot now for about 5 years. And there are so many misconceptions I had before jumping in. Here they are!

1. Intuition Overload (Pentacles Everywhere)!

I had no idea how much Tarot would boost my intuition. It trains your brain to look for patterns, symbols, and certain emotions are created around those symbols. So, for example, I was traveling to my parents' house this weekend, and I saw 2 houses with circle-star decorations. I know that this is typically the "Texas star" decoration, but I immediately saw pentacles! And then I found myself reading the scene like a Tarot card. I had a lot of time on my hands (it was a 6-hour road trip!). Ha! A well-built, small house, with one pentacle could mean simple gifts and joys. And it certainly was a vacation of simple pleasures. I got so much relaxing time with my family just playing with my nieces or having coffee and chatting with my mom.

2. Very Superstitious!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this now, but I dove into Tarot believing some of the myths of the cards -- like, that you had to have someone else gift you your cards, that you shouldn't read for yourself, etc.! I do find that it's always helpful to have another reader help me through certain reading situations, but there is so much joy and self-discovery in reading for myself every day! I also use both hard copy decks and Tarot apps interchangeably with great success!

3. The Power of Writing It Down

I've been an art journaler for as long as I can remember, but I never imagined it would serve me so well with Tarot. Keeping a daily notebook of card draws has helped me to reflect and give myself a little discipline, as I strive to sit down with my notebook each day and have some me-time with the cards.

4. Your Way is OK!

When I first joined the Tarot community, I had SO many people telling me which cards I should use, how I should read, how I should cleanse my deck, pagan practices I should develop, etc.! Then, I had one lovely reader friend, who told me:

"Pagan practices and card reading are the combination of, literally, thousands (if not millions) of cultural traditions. Don't believe anyone who tells you that THEIR way is the RIGHT way. The beauty of non-denominational spiritual practices is that there are NO rules! So, dive in! Adopt others' practices that you like, or don't. Let your heart guide you. Have fun!"

5. Use Your Eyes

Textbook meanings for cards are helpful. Trusting your intuition when you read cards is super helpful, but don't underestimate the power of a literal/visual read. Here's an example: my daughter has been acting out a LOT more lately. I asked my cards, "What is the root cause of this behavior?" And, boy, did the cards tell it to me straight!

Is it just me, or could those pentacles be iPhones? Haha! I hadn't realized just how much my husband and I were spending more time working or on our phones, and less time ignoring that funny, sweet, adventurous kid in the Sun card.

If I could leave you with one final "Bonus" thing I've learned and want to pass on to you, it's to not take Tarot too, too seriously. It's OK if your reading style matches your personality. In fact, it should! I tend to be a goofy lady who loves situational humor and the simple life. My readings often speak to me that way, and that's exactly how I like it!

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