How to See Signs

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love stretching my intuitive muscle by reading Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards and writing down my thoughts in my journal.

I get SO excited to sit down with my cards and see what the cards have to tell me. Sometimes I forget that the universe is speaking to me in other ways too -- that...

Every day we step out into an environment that is exactly like our own virtual, constantly-changing Tarot card...

And that scene is communicating so many things to our intuition! Next time you go on a walk or even just out into your community to run an errand, silently ask a question or set an intention. For example, "How can I focus more on my health today?" or "What do I need to know about my family?" or "Tell me more about my marriage." Then, see which people or objects catch your attention. What do their energies mean in regard to your question? Is a certain song playing on the radio that means something to you? Does its lyrics spell out your struggles?

Hint: These signs will typically be things out of the ordinary or that you can't seem to pass by without taking a second glance.

Today, before a walk into town, I asked, "How can I focus more on my health today?" I saw 3 things that stood out:

  1. A woman walking down the sidewalk holding her open hands to the sun.
  2. A war vet with his right arm missing.
  3. Three new rose blooms.

Then I imagined that each of these scenes was a Tarot card. First, I imagined them as cards I had never seen before. Then, I tried to associate each scene with a traditional Tarot card and came up with: The Sun, 5 of Swords, and 3 of Cups.


What would these themes mean to you in a reading? It may be very different than what I came up with, and that's OK! For me:

  1. The Sun card is about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather. The child in the Sun card often represents my daughter, so getting outside to play with her is always good for my health! This card seems to stress moments of mindfulness and simple joys.
  2. The energy of the war veteran was a reminder that sometimes we have to do difficult things and make sacrifices for our wellness. Here is a man who knows suffering, and he is still standing tall and going on with his day, smile on his face. His is the energy of bravery and strength. He met defeat head on and rose above it.
  3. Three new rose blooms meant the Power of 3! When we work together as a family and celebrate and find a path to happiness and mental well-being, physical well-being naturally follows.

In short: get outside, stop feeling sorry for myself, and celebrate wellness with my family!

If you try this experiment, I'd love to hear your story! Please feel free to share in the comments below.