eBook: Introduction to Lenormand

Have you been curious about Tarot but too overwhelmed to start reading 78 Tarot cards? Lenormand is a great way to start reading now!

I myself first started intuitive readings using Lenormand! Lenormand is a French style of fortune telling that also works fabulously for energy and intuitive readings.

With simple symbols and only 36 cards to learn, Lenormand can be learned quickly. It works great on its own, can prepare you for reading Tarot, or even enhance your Tarot readings if you're a seasoned reader!

This 20-page eBook contains everything you need to know to start reading Lenormand today! It includes a brief history, card meanings, and an overview of 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 9-, and 36-card readings -- with samples of each and prompts to fill your notebook or journal.

This Spring, I'll be starting our Annual Lenormand Series with new exercises to practice. Join the fun by starting your Lenormand studies early!

Introduction to Lenormand
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