Life Work and Purpose Series (All Posts)


This post includes all 4 posts in my Life Work and Purpose Series. I'm wrapping up and combining them for simplicity!

The following meditation plan and journal prompts are intended to kick-start your life-purpose journey, to help you find direction, so you can pour more effort into your greatest talents and strengths! You should plan to work through this plan for as long as you need to (a week, a month, or longer)!

Getting Started

To participate, you should come to the table with:

  • A belief in a higher power (HP, for short) -- God, Goddess, Spirit, whateva!
  • A belief that your HP is positive, loving, and wants only what is BEST for you.
    (This is HUGE. It is proven that our bodies and minds are healthiest when we align ourselves with a positive mindset that is free of worry, so it is only natural that this is what our HP wants to create for us!)
  • A plan to set aside 15 minutes each day, even if we miss a few!
  • A notebook in which you feel complete freedom to write down your thoughts and ideas.
  • Optional: Uplifting music to listen to during your 15 minutes and Tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards to guide your intuition as you journal or contemplate.

1. Align With Your Higher Power

Opening and Aligning with Divine Love From Your Higher Power

I consider myself a spiritual person and, in many ways, I feel complete in my spirituality. I like to think that I have it all figured out. But at the Radiance Conference, I received 2 nuggets of wisdom that I hadn't heard before, and it made me think about my higher power differently. Jot these down in your notebook:

  1. My higher power loves me and wants me to succeed as a parent does -- with an unconditional and limitless love and faith. Just as a parent doesn't want one child to succeed more than another, my higher power wants and has planned successes unique to me and my life's purpose.
  2. When I begin each day with a thankful heart and spirit toward my higher power and when I act in kindness and show love to others, I open myself to receive more spiritual gifts and blessings.

It's the same way we connect with people. If a friend offers me a hug and words of encouragement, and I ignore them or turn away, that positive energy flow between us is cut off, and we're not likely to receive that same level of positive energy from them going forward.

When you say, "Thank you," when you give back, or when you smile at someone, something happens to the energy field around you and them. It opens to give and receive love and blessings.

15 Minutes

Each day, take 15 minutes to connect with our higher power.

Gratitude Meditation and Prompts

Write 3 things in your journal that you are thankful for. These can be physical things -- your home, your computer, good food! Or other people, or qualities in yourself or others that are important to you -- like a sense of humor, strength.

After writing your 3 thankful things, spend the rest of your 15 minutes (set a timer if needed) meditating in thankfulness. Listen to uplifting music if you like. Sit with your eyes closed, or dance! Let your body feel happiness and thankfulness for all your Higher Power has given you. Think of the 3 things you've noted. If you feel emotional, let the tears flow, and release that emotion to your HP!

If you'd like, draw a Tarot or oracle card each day to be your energy focus throughout the day. Write down its meaning in your journal.

Throughout the day, bring that joyful and thankful feeling to other areas of your life. This doesn't mean you will be completely free from anger or sadness, but try to act more in line with your Higher Power by adding more kindness to your day. Be kind to yourself. When you look in the mirror, stop those negative thoughts in their tracks, and find your beauty. Feel thankful for it. You are the only you there will ever be.

Continue to spend a few minutes each day to mediate about all you are grateful for.

2. Gifts From Your Higher Power

Continuing your gratitude meditation, add to your journal notes about YOUR special gifts. You have so many wonderful talents! Jot down 1-2 for each day, and silently recognize when you use these gifts throughout the day:

Some examples:

  • I am kind.
  • I am funny.
  • I am good at puzzles.
  • I am good at coloring.
  • I am a good organizer.
  • I am an artist.

Draw a Tarot or Oracle card if you like, to narrow down some themes of skills you may have.. Today, I drew the "Protection" card from my Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck. I wrote in my journal:

I am a protector. I've always felt an intense need to protect people from harm, to validate them, to protect my family, to protect myself. Sometimes I am not trusting of others and need to open myself more to people.

3. Ask Your Higher Power

When I was at the Radiance Conference, we had time set aside every day just to celebrate God, to feel gratitude. And we had time to focus on our talents and what brought us joy. That time proved to be invaluable to me. I so rarely take time to "check in" with myself and give myself words of encouragement. Here is what my positive self-talk now looks like, in prayer/meditation:

Life doesn't feel perfect -- the house is a mess, we had cereal for dinner last night, and I have financial and medical concerns. BUT look at the beauty around me! I've created this -- a roof over our heads, food on our table, and a loving family. A job that provides for us, time to pursue my spiritual journey. I'm grateful for all the blessings in my life and know that I have the power to overcome any challenges that come my way.

Recognizing all the blessings in your life and aligning with your higher power each day opens a beautiful path of communication with your higher power. So, when you feel ready, ASK your higher power (and write this question in your journal if you like):

The Question

"Can you please guide me, so that I can align my efforts and life work with my talents and life purpose?"

This is a powerful question to ask your higher power. We're asking for guidance to begin aligning our efforts with a bigger plan/purpose. Though it's not impossible that we'll have a miraculous intervention from the universe and a fateful call from our dream-job employer after asking our HP for guidance, I think it's important to understand that discovering our life purpose is supposed to be a journey.

Something as big as our life purpose can't be discovered all at once. It's too big for us to comprehend.

So, when I do Life Work/Purpose readings, I try to focus on people's talents in that moment. Even when I try to get a broader sense of the client's life journey, I find that it's clouded (as it should be!), because we all have free will. But we can usually align their efforts with their talents and get a little glimpse of their soul's journey.

For example, I had a client who, when I asked my cards what her "purpose" was, I kept pulling the Three of Swords. This is a card of heartache, but she didn't sound like the type of person who would be debilitated by heartache or a bad breakup. And I certainly didn't believe that her life purpose was to live in heartache. Ha! I asked her if she often found herself in the role of helping others through difficult life transitions. She did! Further card draws and discussion revealed that she was basically a life coach for her friends -- helping them set emotions aside and deal with difficult matters in a more practical way. It was a message she needed to hear -- she actually enjoyed helping others put their lives and emotions in order.

Knowing this helped her look at career choices differently. She knew that, in the short term, it was probably best to choose jobs in her field where she could excel at managing difficult work transitions. And, in the long-term, maybe she would pursue a different field of work altogether in order to better align with that talent.

The Answer

The answer to your question may not arrive all at once. It will most likely come in pieces. You've opened up the discussion with your higher power, and you'll need to be patient. Keep your journal handy.

You may have a vision of where you need to be. It might not make sense... it could be a vision of a local church or coffee shop. You might find yourself remembering moments from your past when you felt in line with a higher purpose -- a job situation that felt right, a comment from a friend or family member, who may have said, "Wow, you're really good at..." You may find a feather in a special place, or a billboard or bumper sticker might jump out to you with a special message that sparks your intuition.

Write it down. All of it. Every sign, symbol, idea, dream. Then maybe leave it, and come back to it, sort through those thoughts. Look for joy in those moments. Explore those places in your vision. And try to see if you find a theme, a glimpse of who you are at the core of your being, a peek at your life purpose at this point in your life.

4. Walk With Your Higher Power

Take the first step. That's all you have to do. Meet your higher power halfway. If you feel a connection to a certain person or place, work with them, go there. Connect with the unknown, be brave, and take work-risks. If an opportunity comes up, instead of shying away, take it! See where you end up, and trust that you'll know what to do when you get there.

Be flexible, accept change, and be willing to walk away from anything that doesn't align with the pure higher-power-given goodness of your life purpose!