5 Simple Ways to do Business Planning With Your Cards

What can I say? I like 5-step systems! I was recently getting overwhelmed with all the Tarot business planning methods out there. It's hard for me to even think about where my business will be 5 years from now, let alone plan for it. So, I started simpler.

I generally pull 2 cards for each question, and add another card if I feel I need more information.

Finding Direction

Starting more general, if you're having a moment when you just need direction in your business, you can ask your cards any or all of the following questions:

  • What do I love most about my business?
  • What gives me energy in my business?
  • What do I enjoy investing time in?
  • What brings the most success and joy to me in my business?

Because, at the end of the day, this is all about me right? Ha! I've worked too long doing jobs I don't love. My business is about doing what I love and bringing that joy and inspiration to others. And, if it's not -- if I'm not feeling the drive and love -- my clients won't either!

I learned this from the Being Boss podcast. Kathleen and Emily had a great conversation on one of their shows about working and writing in the spirit of happiness and motivation. I woke up this morning and wanted to share this message with you. Instead of telling myself, "Wait, save this post for another week when you need more material," I went for it! There's something to be said about writing and sharing in the excitement of creation. You know what it does? First, that energy is contagious to your clients. Second, that energy fuels more creation and motivation to write the next post!

So, you may also want to ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I keep this positive energy going?
  • How can I feel inspired today?
  • What lights my soul on fire?
  • How can I apply my passion to my business?

I asked the first question of my deck, "What do I love most about my business?" and pulled the Lovers card and 7 of Cups. In short, I feel that my business fulfills the need I have to explore a huge array of interests in my life -- working with people, helping others succeed, art, organization, mindfulness, intuition, spirituality, etc.! It's all the things I love wrapped into one business. Sometimes it's too many things and I struggle to focus -- but that's for another discussion!

The Energy of a Project

This is the single most useful question I use for business planning. It's the, "What's the energy of this project?" question. My business, like most, is project driven (web-content creation, blog posts, book writing). If I can get a general sense of the energy of a project and pinpoint any problems or areas for success, it gives me confidence knowing that I'm properly investing my time in the right areas of the project.

I asked my deck, "What is the energy of the project: gearing my site toward journaling for mindfulness?" I first got the Knight of Wands and the Hanged Man. This is certainly a new shift for me and a bit of an awakening. I recently realized how much I miss sharing my creative process of art journaling on my site. The Knight of Wands feels like me being very driven and passionate about the work. I then asked, "How is this perceived by my clients?" and got the 7 of Swords card, typically a card of dishonesty. Some clients may perceive this as me being too wishy-washy/unfocused or that something has been taken from them -- that the other Willows East is "gone."

What to Share

If you're putting a lot of content out into social media, you can ask your cards, "Which message should I share with my followers today?" or "Which theme should I write about?"

I asked my deck, "Which message should I share with my followers next week?" and got The Hanged Man and Ace of Wands. Maybe I should share some inspiration about how I feel starting a new project -- where that inspiration comes from (Pinterest, anyone?), and how it's OK to start a new project without much direction at first.


Taking a moment to ask yourself, "What is the current energy of my business?" and exploring what you want that energy to become is a really powerful opportunity for mindfulness. I also encourage you to surround your work-space with the energy you're trying to create. If it's a certain look or feel to your business, keep images nearby that represent that energy. When I re-designed my website, I filled my desk with watercolors and the Linestrider Tarot cards and bright-colored, messy stacks of paper. That's the energy of my business. Yours might be incredibly minimalistic and clean and organized, so make sure to create that energy in your work-space.

I asked my deck, "What's the current energy of my business?" and got the King of Cups and King of Swords. Wow! A tale of two kings! I could explore this card combination in depth, but briefly -- I feel that I'm the master of my heart right now and the master of my thoughts. The two are working together in a way that I haven't felt before, and I'm blissfully happy. Am I making sound business choices? Maybe? I'm OK with not knowing right now.

Future Planning

This is a no-brainer, BUT I'm still going to simplify it, because I need to. I'm not good at future planning. I'm an in-the-moment kinda gal and don't have much brain capacity for future stuff. So, I get really overwhelmed trying to plan my business processes even 3- and 6-months out.

So, you could take into account all the crazy amount of work you have to do over the next 3-6 months, explore multiple readings about multiple projects (and hey, if that's your thing, go for it!). You could also just take a simple time-out to ask yourself, "Where do I see my business in 3 months?" And, that's enough future planning for me for one day. Ya'll can feel free to ask the same question for 6-months out and several years down the road, you crazy time travelers. Haha! I'll stay within my comfort zone over here.

I asked my deck, "Where do I see my business in 3 months?" See, this is the type of question you could easily answer without your cards. But when you use them, you may start exploring themes you never considered before. I pulled the 9 of Cups and the 2 of Cups cards. The 9 could be me -- feeling successful, proud of what I've created, or it could represent someone who's more successful than me and established. The 2 might indicate building a partnership with that person. I hadn't really considered that as a business goal, but maybe I'll try to do some more networking. I also had another reader tell me that I should be focused more on relationship building, which fits with that 2 as well. Interesting!

Did you have fun thinking about your business options? Comment below!

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