Step Into Spring With Tarot

Gooood morning! Even though we got buried in snow this week, it's still officially Spring, and I'm ready to celebrate... with Tarot!

Body, Mind, Spirit Expo

On the 1st, I was thrilled to do Life Purpose readings at the Body, Mind, Spirit expo! It was so powerful to connect with people and chat about our higher purpose and soul journeys! I also RECEIVED readings from two of my favorite local readers who delivered a TON of insight to ME about my spiritual journey. You can check them out here: Sherri Glebus and Gretchen Hidell.

This expo is coordinated by the lovely Michele Nappi of Moonlight Gifts. Follow on Facebook here, especially if you want to catch the Fall (and future) expos!

Do You Oracle?

Now, as you know, I absolutely loooove my Tarot cards! AND I use Oracle cards often to enhance my readings. At the BMS expo, I liked to pull a final oracle card at the end of my Tarot readings, as a parting message of inspiration.

However, it has been a long time since I put together a full spread with only oracle cards. Gretchen H. did this for me at the expo, and it strung together a beautiful message for me! Here is a spread you can try with your Tarot OR Oracle cards!

  1. What is the Current State of My Energy?
  2. Who am I When I am Operating at My Highest Potential?
  3. Which Challenges Keep Me From This State?
  4. What Can I Do to Be More in Line with My Highest Self?

This is a great spread to give you some perspective as we step into Spring!

Fresh Starts, First Light

This week, I'm thrilled to unveil First Light at Willows East. I have been wanting, no needing a way to celebrate my spirituality daily. I've needed a downright kick in the pants to remind me to meditate and start my day with gratitude. I love Christian devotionals, but I felt I was missing that dose of Tarot and general guidance I was craving each day.

First Light (here) goes live daily at 5am. It's a little collage that includes 3 things:

  1. An inspirational message
  2. A card-draw suggestion (for Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle, whateva!)
  3. Any extra inspiration that comes my way -- a great podcast episode, or a blog post I love, etc.!

Want Your Content Featured?

It is FREE to be featured in a First Look post! Email me the spiritual content you wish to share -- a podcast episode, your site, a blog post, etc. -- to; subject: First Light! Your info will be featured in one of our First Light collages, with a link on our FL page and shared across the following platforms: